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Mayor urges Alderman Donovan to run for DA

Statement of Alderman Bob Donovan October 10, 2013

By - Oct 10th, 2013 11:17 am

According to media reports, this is what the mayor said yesterday:

“I believe that the district attorney in this county and the district attorneys around this state are well equipped to make those decisions and quite honestly if the alderman wants to run for district attorney I wholeheartedly encourage him to do so,” Mayor Barrett said.

I want to publicly thank the mayor for his vote of confidence in my abilities to lead in this regard. Public safety has been a huge priority for me during my years of public service, and I appreciate the nod he’s given me. His confidence in me is truly overwhelming, and I am deeply touched.

That said, unlike the mayor, I am not so quick to turn my back on John Chisholm, our outstanding District Attorney. Since DA Chisholm’s first day in office, I have had an excellent working relationship with him, and I strongly encourage the mayor to reach out to him on the co-sleeping issue, and on many of the other issues that are challenging our city.

Allow me to use this opportunity to categorically deny any interest in running for District Attorney.

Quite frankly, the constant urging, cajoling and prodding of the mayor to finally do what people have been waiting for him to do for more than 10 years has almost become a full-time job for me. However, despite the huge workload associated with this “job,” I stand firmly committed to helping in any way I can.

Needless to say, thanks for the plug, mayor!

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