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James Methu’s Statement on Education in Milwaukee

“I call for a focus on early childhood education in order to properly prepare our students for a brighter future.”

By - Feb 2nd, 2016 09:28 am

MILWAUKEE – February 2nd, 2016

The current state of Milwaukee Public Schools

“In 2013, the graduation rate for Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) students rose slightly, to 60.8%. The fact that a number such as that is considered a rise is a problem for all of Milwaukee. Not just young people, but businesses, parents and the community as a whole.”

“I call for a focus on early childhood education in order to properly prepare our students for a brighter future. I also propose instituting more vocational training in growth industries while in school, in order to better prepare students as they enter the workforce.”

On MPS Boarding Schools

“I support MPS Boarding schools for those students who lack a home environment that will allow them to thrive. With that being said, this should be a parent’s choice to do so – not a city mandated idea. Parents that wish their children to have a better education and life should have the ability to do so.”

After school curriculum

“I call for a focus on after school activities that will enable our students to both focus on areas like STEM focused programming. Areas such as computer programming, as well as other areas in IT.”

“I also advocate for after school AP classes geared toward youth whose schools do not currently offer certain subjects. I will work to break through the economic barriers that limit student participation in after school programs. We need to focus on both life skills and trade skills, to allow for our youth to have a pathway toward an employable and successful future.”

A Strategic Partnership with UW-Milwaukee

“I will work to forge a collaborate partnership between UW-Milwaukee and MPS in order to bring about my initiatives. UW-Milwaukee has specific departments dedicated to tutoring and helping students be successful. I see no reason why MPS can’t partner with UW-Milwaukee in order to further the goals of both organizations.”

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