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Humphries-Holtz Takeover Plan: Questions Remain Unanswered

There are dozens of unanswered questions.

Madison — Weekend news reports show State Superintendent candidates John Humphries and Lowell Holtz continue to battle over the finer details of their backroom deal.

Despite repeated inquiries from the media, both Humphries and Holtz refuse to release the name(s) of the unknown business leaders who encouraged the two candidates to try and work together to take over Wisconsin’s five largest school districts: Green Bay Area Public, Kenosha, Madison Metropolitan, Milwaukee Public Schools and Racine Unified.

The following is a statement from Tony Evers for State Superintendent Campaign Manager, Amanda Brink:

“Voters head to the polls in less than 24 hours. These five school districts represent almost 20% of Wisconsin’s public school kids, and voters across the state deserve to know more.

The Humphries-Holtz Takeover Plan would create a position in the Department of Public Instruction that would have unprecedented authority to break up the school districts and change the school boards elected by the voters in those communities.”

Brink continued, “I can’t help but question how the business leaders fit into this plot.

  • Will the Humphries-Holtz Takeover Plan push our urban districts to be converted to private schools?
  • Will the business leaders be investors in the new private schools that would potentially replace our urban public schools?
  • Is the Humphries-Holtz Takeover Plan another bite at the apple? It could be a resurrected version of the failed Assembly Bill 1 from last session, which was play off of the American Legislative Exchange Council’s Parent’s Empowerment and Choice Act.

There are dozens of unanswered questions, but one thing is clear: Humphries and Holtz’s commitment to the unnamed business leaders outweighs their commitment to Wisconsin voters.

I’m sure because they don’t make campaign contributions, the 860,000 public school kids in Wisconsin don’t even make a blip on either man’s radar screen.”

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