State Rep. Jimmy Anderson
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GOP Air Pollution Package

"AB 587 completely guts all regulation of air pollution in Wisconsin."

By - Nov 21st, 2017 08:49 am

Madison – Today the Assembly Committee on Federalism and Interstate Affairs will hear two bills endangering our clean air. AB 587, the most troubling bill would remove from regulation all air pollutants that are not covered by the EPA. In Wisconsin there are 358 state air pollutants regulated by the DNR, many of which in large enough doses cause respiratory distress, as well as two probable carcinogens Isoprene and Bromodichloromethane. Rep. Anderson released the following statement:

“Everyone wants clean air and the security that the air we breathe won’t poison our kids or make it hard to go outside. We love our forests and our parks, but we want clean air everywhere we go. AB 587 completely guts all regulation of air pollution in Wisconsin. This bill puts your family at risk in order to shave compliance costs for WMC. It won’t create jobs or increase manufacturing, it just endangers our health to save corporations a few cents. All state air pollution regulations in Wisconsin are gutted with this bill. That’s not regulatory reform, it’s recklessness masquerading as policy. This bill cannot make it out of committee, and quite frankly doesn’t deserve a hearing.”

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