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Alderman Johnson calls for action after a reckless driver leaves a 10-year-old in a coma

A Letter to the Fire and Police Commission

By - Aug 25th, 2017 10:39 am

The reckless driving in our community needs to end. A 10-year-old boy was simply riding in the car with his family when a hit-and-run driver rammed into the car. The little boy was so severely injured that part of his skull had to be removed and he’s now in a coma. There is no destination so important, that a motorist should travel at highway speeds on city streets to get there. Unfortunately, that’s what happened and as a result a 10-year-old is fighting for his life, while his other family members in the car have broken bones and punctured kidneys.

When will it stop? What needs to happen? How would these drivers feel or react if this happened to someone that they care about — especially since this action is preventable? We need a plan to tackle this public safety issue.

Everyone in our community deserves to be safe. It doesn’t matter if they are in a classroom, playing on a playground, spending time in their home, or traveling in a vehicle.

Irresponsible, reckless driving is all too commonplace on streets in our community, unfortunately. Not only should motorist simply slow down and travel with an abundance of safety, but this community needs law enforcement to hold irresponsible drivers accountable. No child should be in a coma because of someone else’s poor decision behind the wheel. Accidents happen, accidents like this one don’t need to.

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One thought on “Alderman Johnson calls for action after a reckless driver leaves a 10-year-old in a coma”

  1. Tony Snell says:

    My heart goes out to this child and family. I’m fearful of walking, bike riding, and driving, as I’ve been nearly hit and grazed on each occasion by reckless drivers. Thank you, Alderman Johnson, for speaking out!

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