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The Roundup: Lottery Takes a Gamble
The Roundup

Lottery Takes a Gamble

"We did a study of machines early in the lottery, but there was concern about underage people getting access to the machines."

The Roundup: Scooter Schmidt Dead
The Roundup

Scooter Schmidt Dead

Water Street fixture Scott “Scooter” Schmidt, 42, was shot in his home at 202 E. North Avenue at 11:45 p.m. Wednesday evening.

The Roundup: The Jewish Judge Who’s a Quarter Irish
The Roundup

The Jewish Judge Who’s a Quarter Irish

Governor James E. Doyle told about 75 people at Mo’s Irish Pub last Friday that “there are a number of good things I can do as governor. … I get to appoint people to the bench. As a lawyer and the son of a judge, I take this seriously.” What does the governor look for […]