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Andrea Pratt. Photo courtesy of Pratt's campaign.

Andrea Pratt

All Contributions

Amount Raised: $22,517

Total Contributions: 73

Total Reports: 2

Average Contribution: $308

Median Contribution: $770

Date Name Amount Lifetime Report
Dec 13, 2022Andrea Pratt$200$2002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022David LaCroix$50$502023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Marvin Pratt$500$5002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Charjit Kaur$500$5002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Bhupider Singh$300$3002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Otis Moore$200$2002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Nael Jabbar$500$5002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022John Dowell$500$5002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Ashwani Sharma$300$3002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Sukhwinder Singh$770$7702023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Swaran Multani$300$3002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Michael Bonds$100$1002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Satnam Singh Khera$500$5002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Fadi Hussein$770$7702023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022John Bielinski$500$5002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Kohana Singh$250$2502023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Hassan Bracch$300$3002023 January Continuing
Dec 19, 2022Craig Berry$100$1002023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022Danielle Bergner$250$2502023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022Jenna Hatton-Cobb$100$1002023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022Sonya Davis$50$502023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022James Starke$25$252023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022M. Marquel Hamilton$100$1002023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022George Harris$100$1002023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022Ismaa'eel Abdur-Rahim$250$2502023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022Aziza Jones$25$252023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022Dona Jackson$250$2502023 January Continuing
Dec 20, 2022Ruth Weill$10$102023 January Continuing
Dec 22, 2022Nick Anton$500$5002023 January Continuing
Dec 22, 2022Leon Pratt$200$2002023 January Continuing
Dec 22, 2022Michael Sanfelippo$770$7702023 January Continuing
Dec 22, 2022Bryan Drake$770$7702023 January Continuing
Dec 22, 2022Jacqueline Cook$100$1002023 January Continuing
Dec 30, 2022Mateba Harris$100$1002023 January Continuing
Jan 3, 2023Theodore Lipscomb, Sr.$200$4002023 January Continuing
Jan 3, 2023Pauli TaylorBoyd$100$1002023 January Continuing
Jan 3, 2023Gurinder Nagra$770$7702023 January Continuing
Jan 3, 2023Matt Flynn$770$1,5402023 January Continuing
Jan 4, 2023Emery Harlan$500$1,0002023 January Continuing
Jan 5, 2023Cheryl Clemons$100$1002023 January Continuing
Jan 9, 2023Debra Jenkins- Simmons$300$3002023 January Continuing
Jan 17, 2023Martin Schreiber$400$8002023 January Continuing
Jan 17, 2023Chris Abele$770$1,5402023 January Continuing
Jan 17, 2023Curtiss Harris$100$2002023 January Continuing
Jan 3, 2023Theodore Lipscomb, Sr.$200$4002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 3, 2023Pauli Taylorboyd$100$1002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 3, 2023Gurinder Nagra$770$7702023 Pre-Primary
Jan 3, 2023Matt Flynn$770$1,5402023 Pre-Primary
Jan 4, 2023Emery Harlan$500$1,0002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 5, 2023Cheryl Clemons$100$1002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 9, 2023Debra Jenkins-Simmons$300$3002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 17, 2023Martin Schreiber$400$8002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 17, 2023Chris Abele$770$1,5402023 Pre-Primary
Jan 17, 2023Curtiss Harris$100$2002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 12, 2023Catrina Crane$50$502023 Pre-Primary
Jan 20, 2023Cheryl Hamberlin$100$1002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 20, 2023Lisa Johnson$100$1002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 20, 2023Gregory Wesley$500$5002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 29, 2023Akuwa Dantzler$75$752023 Pre-Primary
Jan 29, 2023Denise Walton$25$252023 Pre-Primary
Jan 29, 2023Janine Tursini$100$1002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 29, 2023William Brooks$50$502023 Pre-Primary
Jan 29, 2023Ayala Griggs$40$402023 Pre-Primary
Jan 31, 2023Gregory Wesley$270$2702023 Pre-Primary
Jan 31, 2023Cory Nettles$750$7502023 Pre-Primary
Jan 31, 2023Dee-Dee Sanders$385$3852023 Pre-Primary
Jan 8, 2023Walter Farrell$200$2002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 21, 2023Beverly Conner$50$502023 Pre-Primary
Feb 5, 2023Virginia DuPriest$100$1002023 Pre-Primary
Feb 5, 2023John Daniels$250$2502023 Pre-Primary
Feb 5, 2023Ron Stroli$500$5002023 Pre-Primary
Feb 5, 2023Kenneth Little$100$1002023 Pre-Primary
Jan 31, 2023Natasha Broxton$612$6122023 Pre-Primary

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