• Graffiti, Foliage and Fathers

    Graffiti art inspires Carly to embellish a guitar for dad. It's easy and you can do it to.

  • Projects for kitties and babies

    New kitten Tulco and lady-baby Makenna inspire Carly to create simple yet adorable crafts for little ones.

  • Pretty Garbage

    Tired of looking at those unsightly trash bins in your kitchen? Follow Carly's tips and turn that waste basket into an "artful refuse vessel."

  • Record Makers

    This week, Carly steps out of the project box to chat with local musicians who demonstrate the DIY spirit as they self-record an album in their Walker's Point studio collective.

  • Pillow Party

    Drab couch? Add some pizazz with colorful handmade pillows! Today, Carly offers a tutorial on making your own quick and easy (and cheap!) slip covers.

  • Artsy storage options: A How-To

    Is your jewelry box a tangled mess? Carly's got the solution! This week: Repurposing antiques to create storage options that are as lovely as they are practical.

  • Make it yourself, Milwaukee

    Introducing new TCD columnist Carly Rubach. She'll brighten up every other Sunday with DIY home decorating, fashion and entertaining projects, complete with instructions... and possibly the occasional failure.