Last Call

  • The Half Full Lapse

    A crowded, noisy night at the bar when the stranger appeared. Nondescript, nearly faceless, yet his very introversion pulled the author to try to connect...

  • Laughing Islands

    How is it possible to spend your whole life in Milwaukee and never visit the Comedy Cafe? Laura Heller checks it off her to-do list.

  • The S**t List

    This week in Last Call: Veteran bartendress Erin Petersen shares a few lessons in bar time etiquette.

  • The Taste of Time

    tomjulio ventures again into the hearts and minds of those bellied up to a bar in search of peace and life's answers ...or just a cold brew, a good smoke and simple conversations.

  • Reinventing Friday Night

    Getting out of my comfort zone on a Friday night proved redeeming. Milwaukee unveils to me, again, why I love it so much.

  • Sixty Five, All Day

    Last Call is the new weekly column that explores the humanity and stories behind and in Milwaukee's bars and taverns. Tomjulio takes us with him on our first trip into the depths of 'Stallis.