2004-12 Vital Source Mag – December 2004

  • The Occasion

    By Erin Wolf The Occasion re-define the term “noise-rock.” With jangly tambourines, mellow vocals and garbage-can-drum tendencies, The Occasion’s self-titled debut is immense, reflecting the hills of desert sands that grace the cover of their album-completely enveloping and sensory-sweeping. Quietly pretty in spots with the incorporation of twinkly pianos, and psychedelically hard-hitting with enough guitar […]

  • The Sauce Guru of the Fifth Ward

    By Catherine McGarry Miller Dion Willis is something of a rarity in today’s world: he’s happy. Barclay’s Executive Chef is a contented family man who loves his job and is so confident in his own abilities that he’ll take on all comers. Although Barclay Gallery and Garden Café in the “Fifth Ward” (Walker’s Point to […]

  • Chronicles, Volume One


  • Big Family Christmas

    An Elegy

    By Frizell Bailey Christmas used to be my favorite holiday. And how could it not? Any holiday where you get loads of gifts and can gorge yourself on platefuls of fatty food is all right by me. Besides, this festival of gluttony is a great way to cap off the end of the calendar year. […]

  • The Secret Life of The Lonely Doll

    The Search for Dare Wright


  • Vital Source’s 2004 Holiday Events Guide

    The holiday season is upon us and the city is bright with twinkling lights and holiday spirit. Why not take a little time out of your holiday rush to enjoy the city’s many seasonal offerings? Vital Source has gathered together our second annual Holiday Events Guide. From shows to shopping, skating to sightseeing, there really […]

  • The (Not So) Lost Art of the Short


  • Radar Love

    By Lillith Branwen We live in interesting times. Our schedules are packed, with every minute of our day taken up with something important. At the same time, we are more sedentary than ever before. We are in our cars or in front of our computers for long hours each day. When we have a little […]

  • Nina Simone moves Holly Blue

    by Nina Simone 21st Birthday April 5th, 1996 “Do you quiver, from your head down to your liver?” – Nina Simone The weather was beautful today. Cold, but the sun was shining on us like a goddamn hero. My senses were all standing on edge, soaking in every detail as I nearly became part of […]

  • The Monitor

    Technology Gifts for that Special Geek Each year it seems as though the hype for a few products jumps through the roof. Remember Cabbage Patch Kids, Teletubbies and Elmo? And for the over-kindergarten set, Trivial Pursuit, the Star Wars VHS box set and UGG boots have all had their time in the sun. But these […]

  • The Needless Oppression of Ideological Gridlock

    By John Hughes I was viewing the movie Motorcycle Diaries recently, watching Che Guevara’s revolutionary consciousness incubate, and I became reflective. Sitting in the dark, I began to wonder what a Great Liberator would look like if he or she arrived in America in 2004. From what would that Che, or that Gandhi, or that […]

  • A Reality Check on the Values Voter

    By Paul McLeary In the last few weeks, there has been much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments among the “reality-based community” about the great new albatross supposedly hanging around the Democratic party’s neck: The Values Voter. As with so many other dumbed-down media constructions (think “Security Mom” or “Nascar Dad”), the sheer intellectual […]