2003-10 Vital Source Mag – October 2003

  • Milwaukee’s Philosopher Magician

    By John Hughes Meet ‘Professor Oops’ On the Sunday afternoon of the Harley-Davidson centenary, with motorcycles thundering all over town, I found a quiet spot in the side yard of Sky Schultz, known to audiences as Professor Oops. At his Riverwest home tucked into an out-of-the-way cranny, the yard is a thing of wonder — […]

  • Never Mind the Pollacks


  • Milwaukee’s Best New Building is Invisible

    By Raymond Johnson One of the best new buildings in Milwaukee was completed last month, but you can’t see much of it from the street. In fact, if you go to 1990 N. Commerce St., there doesn’t seem to be a building there at all — just a small urban square with a lookout over […]

  • Being Thirteen


  • Thinking holistically about menopause.

    By Jeffrey Langlois Recently, one of my clients came to me seeking relief from the myriad discomforts of menopause. Like most women, she had questions about how to best manage her symptoms as her body goes through this most important change of life. I work with women to help them understand the options available to […]

  • Masked and Eponymous


  • Slanted Soapboxes of Media

    By Paul McLeary Healthy Debate or Disheartening Trend? For years, and some might say decades, conservatives had been up in arms about what they perceived as the media establishment’s liberal bias — and not completely without cause. But a funny thing happened in the early 1990s to change all that. Rush Limbaugh broke into the […]

  • John Hughes Knocks on Heaven’s Door

    By John Hughes I was a bleak geek living in a house where the only art was a pair of framed oil portraits of Presidents Washington and Lincoln, and the only music came from my sisters plinking away dispiritedly on an upright piano, because they had to, for piano lessons. There were no plants in […]

  • Warren Zevon

    By John Hughes WARREN ZEVON The Wind Artemis Records www.warrenzevon.com Before Warren Zevon died in early September, he assembled an all-star cast of friends to help him craft his own epitaph — a final CD recorded in the aftershock of his fatal diagnosis. A songwriter’s songwriter, he maintained great integrity throughout his career, no matter […]

  • Halloween Costumes

    By Lucky Tomaszek I have always loved Halloween. As a girl, I remember that the costumes in our family were consistently fun and well thought-out. We lived in a small town, so the treats from Beggar’s Night were tasty and plentiful. In addition to timeless favorites like Bit O’ Honeys and mini candy bars, lots […]

  • Elvis Costello

    By Jon M. Gilbertson ELVIS COSTELLO North Deutsche Grammophon www.elviscostello.com As he grows older and perhaps wiser, Elvis Costello increasingly resembles another former enfant terrible from the UK: writer Martin Amis. Both sons of notable practitioners of their respective arts, both more famous than their fathers, they are almost embarrassingly skillful and variegated: Amis the […]

  • Is this thing on?

    By Frizell Bailey The view from Ben Merens’ 23rd floor office is spectacular. It sweeps the eastern half of downtown, with the river and the lake as bookends. Admittedly, not at all what you’d expect from the offices of a public radio station; a ClearChannel office, maybe. “It’s a little embarrassing,” Merens says with a […]