2003-10 Vital Source Mag – October 2003

  • Nappy Roots

    By John Hughes NAPPY ROOTS Wooden Leather Atlantic www.nappyroots.com Nappy Roots are the best musicians to come out of Kentucky since Joan Osborne, and a lot more fun. On this CD, like a champion racehorse at the Kentucky Derby, they burst out of the gate, grab an early lead, hold the pace despite some stumbles, […]

  • The Upscale Vagabond

    By Frizell Bailey One evening I was walking down Brady Street when a couple sitting on the sidewalk near Jimmy John’s asked me for some spare change, a fairly common occurrence. Usually, depending on my mood, I fork over whatever I happen to have in my pocket or say I don’t have any cash on […]

  • Marj Hahne

    By Russ Bickerstaff MARJ HAHNE notspeak When the instruments and singing voices are left out of audio, all that remains is the music of spoken ideas. In her poetry CD notspeak, Marj Hahne presents a gently flowing symphony of ideas almost completely devoid of music. What little music there is serves more as a segue […]

  • June Carter Cash

    By Brian Barney JUNE CARTER CASH Wildwood Flower Dualtone Records The heartbreaking beauty of June Carter Cash’s last record, Wildwood Flower, defies description. The tracks flow in an autobiographical movement, where the purest of instrumentation provides the background for songs that tell the stories of a life based on tradition, and values that escape the […]

  • A Dance of Survival & Freedom

    By Alexander Ragir In the 17th century, African slaves in Salvador (Brazil’s oldest city) were routinely shackled and beaten. But those slaves of 400 years ago were not as beaten down as they may have appeared to their Portuguese slave masters. Always coming up with ways to survive their oppressors, the slaves practiced combat moves […]

  • Oh My God

    By Brian Barney OH MY GOD Interrogations and Confessions Novo Records www.ohmygodmusic.com Since their reincarnation under their current moniker in 2000, Chicago’s art rock trio, Oh My God has been creating a national buzz, prompting kudos from the likes of VH1 and Rolling Stone Magazine without the support of a major label. Their third full-length […]

  • In Search of An Agenda

    By John Hughes Early next year, The City of Milwaukee will elect a new mayor, to preside over this city during what promises to be an era of accelerating change. With leadership crucial during the next few years, the agenda set during this election, which will frame the debate among voters, is still emerging. In […]

  • Brick Lane


  • Milwaukee’s Philosopher Magician

    By John Hughes Meet ‘Professor Oops’ On the Sunday afternoon of the Harley-Davidson centenary, with motorcycles thundering all over town, I found a quiet spot in the side yard of Sky Schultz, known to audiences as Professor Oops. At his Riverwest home tucked into an out-of-the-way cranny, the yard is a thing of wonder — […]

  • Never Mind the Pollacks


  • Milwaukee’s Best New Building is Invisible

    By Raymond Johnson One of the best new buildings in Milwaukee was completed last month, but you can’t see much of it from the street. In fact, if you go to 1990 N. Commerce St., there doesn’t seem to be a building there at all — just a small urban square with a lookout over […]

  • Being Thirteen