• After the flood

    resources for Milwaukee

    Following the Brew City Flood, residents and businesses that suffered damages are often filled with anxiety, stress and frustration. TCD compiled a list of resources for those in need.

  • The art of conservation via Watershed Milwaukee

    A cadre of artists and activists are spreading awareness about the depletion of Earth's most precious resource via a series of community-based art installations across Milwaukee.

  • Pedaling around with Cream City Rickshaw

    Beginning its second year, Cream City Rickshaw plans to continue offering riders scenic, environmentally-conscious transportation.

  • Riverwest powers down for the environment

    How long can you go without using energy? Riverwest is challenging residents to a seven-day drastic reduction in energy usage, hoping to help Mother Earth and encourage community involvement.

  • Cowboy Down

    Mister President, you are many things. But Chief Executive of Butt Kicking is not what we hired you for.

  • The bright side of the BP oil spill

    America has always been the Imperial Wizard of the International Optimists League. When we're handed lemons, we make lemonade. All we need is a couple of dump trucks full of sugar and ironically, some clean water.

  • Sorry Ron, some “freedoms” are not worth the cost

    George Will's tribute to Ron Johnson in the Washington Post ignores the realities of Ron Johnson's Randian brand of "freedom."

  • The Third Gulf War

    BP’s sole object is protecting profit. Covering corporate butt. In the last six weeks, not a single word that has leaked out of their mouths has been true.

  • Brainless Pinheads

    BP first announced that the seepage from the MC252 well was barely a couple of drips. Nothing to worry about. More oil pooled on your average garage floor. Isn't that cute.

  • Earth Attacks!

    TCD welcomes Will Durst: The belching of Eyjafjallajokull was a cautionary notice to not take humankind too seriously.

  • ADversary

    Culture Jamming the cereal aisle

    Is General Mills funding rain forest destruction? The short answer: maybe

  • Threads

    Fashionably responsible

    In honor of Earth Week, Threads offers a few local options for environmentally responsible shopping.