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The MFD High Pressure Pumping Station. Left photo - Audrey Jean Posten, right photo - Jeramey Jannene.
  • Address:
    2011 S. 1st St.
  • Status:
  • Year Built:
  • Size:
    3,895 square-feet
  • Historic Designations:
    Nationally Designated (1981, file #81000049)

Built inĀ 1931 by the City of Milwaukee as a high-pressure pumping station to fight fires at nearby factories and warehouses. Operated for decades by the Milwaukee Fire Department. Demolished in 2018.

The building was converted to a restaurant in 2006, operating as the Pump House and in 2009 was sold to Horny Goat Brewing and repurposed as a brewpub.

Building was vacant following the 2015 closing of the Horny Goat Brewing Company.


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