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Sustainable Style: Going Drag in Milwaukee
Sustainable Style

Going Drag in Milwaukee

A primer on the drag scene. And vote for your favorite drag queen!

Sustainable Style: Rising Star Elyse Cizek
Sustainable Style

Rising Star Elyse Cizek

Much more than a model, Cizek will bring her own style to Studio W.

Sustainable Style: How to Have a Green Morning
Sustainable Style

How to Have a Green Morning

Four easy steps to “greening” your life before you even get dressed

Sustainable Style: Is Rude the New Black?
Sustainable Style

Is Rude the New Black?

Why it’s not okay to be fashionably late or just plain rude.

Sustainable Style: About Those Fashion Shows
Sustainable Style

About Those Fashion Shows

What are they, why are they and where can you find them in town.

Sustainable Style: Farewell to Fur
Sustainable Style

Farewell to Fur

Should you ever buy fur, and if so, what kind? Let us ponder the questions.

Sustainable Style: My Journey Into Green Fashion
Sustainable Style

My Journey Into Green Fashion

A Project Runway star launches a new column.