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MFF Review: “The City of Life and Death”
MFF Review

“The City of Life and Death”

The Opening Night Party is tonight, but kicking off day two is Lu Chuan's harrowing war film about the 1937 Nanjing Massacre.

Retro Read: Rubicon Beach
Retro Read

Rubicon Beach

In "Rubicon Beach," Steve Erickson blends reality with the surreal, peering into a not-so-distant future where people struggle to stay present amid a decaying society.

“The Arbor” at UWM Union Cinema

“The Arbor” at UWM Union Cinema

Based on the life of playwright Andrea Dunbar, "The Arbor" plays with genre and narrative structure to tell a story of addiction, abuse and personal tragedy.

LGBT Film Fest preview: Le Tigre On Tour
LGBT Film Fest preview

Le Tigre On Tour

With a riotous live show, Le Tigre makes public the pain of sexual/gender inequality and incites their audience to overcome it.

Summerfest Sunday Recap: Bieber Fever
Summerfest Sunday Recap

Bieber Fever

A plague of proverbial tween locusts descended on Summerfest on Sunday decked out in neon sunglasses, sequined hats, knee socks and short shorts, body paint and poster boards scrawling one name: Bieber.

Preview: Birthday Suits/The Blind Shake/Wereworm

Birthday Suits/The Blind Shake/Wereworm

The Sugar Maple occasionally plays host to the noisy and the LOUD. This Wednesday, June 9, 2010, Minneapolis’s Birthday Suits and The Blind Shake won’t disappoint in defining either adjective.

AIDS Memorial Quilt comes to the MAM

AIDS Memorial Quilt comes to the MAM

The AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin marks its 25th anniversary and memorializes those lost to the AIDS epidemic with a special exhibit at the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Reviewed: Monotonix at Cataldo’s

Monotonix at Cataldo’s

Monotonix takes the show outside at Cataldo's on KK in Bay View. Abbie reports from the front lines.

Milwaukee Record Store Day

Milwaukee Record Store Day

Abbie's rundown of the 2010 Milwaukee Record Store Day happenings.

Reviewed: Beach House at the Pabst Theater

Beach House at the Pabst Theater

Abbie's take on Beach House's new, ornate stage show.