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Foxconn Not Helping Walker?

New poll suggests he’s in trouble, no positive bump from Foxconn deal.

By - Feb 2nd, 2018 01:10 pm
Foxconn signing. Photo by Graham Kilmer.

Foxconn signing. Photo by Graham Kilmer.

Yours truly was among those who believed the Foxconn deal moved Governor Scott Walker from a slight to a solid re-election favorite. There have been multiple recent signs that internal Republican and Democratic polls show that to have been a bad call.

More such evidence comes today from Morning Consult, a national polling and research firm that issued an approval/disapproval rating report (“America’s Most and Least Popular Governors“) on Thursday for governors up for election this year.

According to Morning Consult, it:

…Conducted surveys with 253,393 registered U.S. voters from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017, to determine the Q4 2017 Governor Approval Rankings. In each poll, Americans indicated whether they approve or disapprove of the job performance of their U.S. governors. For each question, they could answer strongly approve, somewhat approve, somewhat disapprove, strongly disapprove, or don’t know / no opinion. …Morning Consult obtained population parameters for registered voters from the November 2012 Current Population Survey. We applied post-stratification weights at the state level based ongender, age, educational attainment, and race.

A summary of the report issued today includes the following:

Most of the governors running for re-election this year ended 2017 in a strong position, according to Morning Consult’s Governor Approval Rankings. …ten of the 19 governors garnered the support of a majority of their constituents.

Popular GOP governors on the ballot this year in deep-red states are also in the top 10: Kay Ivey in Alabama (64 percent approval) and Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas and Greg Abbott in Texas, both with 59 percent approval.

Things look less rosy for Republican Govs. Bruce Rauner of Illinois and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who both ended 2017 underwater — Rauner by 24 points (55 percent disapprove) and Walker by 7 points (50 percent disapprove).

25 thoughts on “The Contrarian: Foxconn Not Helping Walker?”

  1. Troll says:

    What a surprise? The media runs negative stories about Fox conn and their surprised Wisconsinites have doubt?

  2. PMD says:

    Oh please. The Journal Sentinel has been doing Foxconn PR for months now. $4 billion is a number that catches people’s attention, and rightfully so. That might have something to do with it, and also an aversion to corporate welfare. You’d oppose this if Doyle was governor.

  3. Tom bamberger says:

    I wonder. First of all the polling company Morning Consult does not even have a rating at the polling site 538. That can’t be good.

    Also, this really too early to know much about the less partisan politically disengaged voters who swing elections these days.

    Walker will have lots of time to sell them on his accomplishments when the time comes, that would be including FoxComm. Better to hold your fire to when it counts.

  4. Terry says:

    @Troll, Wisconsinites are not as stupid or gullible as you think. Unlike partisan hack republicans we can actually think for ourselves and make our own judgements and we know a FoxCON job when we see one!

    4.5 Billion of our tax dollars squandered by Walker and republicans on corporate welfare for a foreign company! If a democrat did this republican’s undies would be in a bunch the likes of which the state has never seen!

    Career Politician Scott Walker’s approval ratings are in the toilet for a reason. The same goes for Trump. Why? Because they both stink.

    Yet Walker still wants to be “Governor for Life.” Looks like he might want to start looking for a real job instead.

    DUMP WALKER 2018!

  5. WashCoRepub says:

    Eventually it’ll kick in with Democrats that most Republicans simply don’t answer polls anymore, or at the least don’t answer them honestly. You’d have thought that would have occurred to them after the Trump win… Oh well, if it makes them feel better.

  6. Terry says:

    @WashCoRepub, You mean you are admitting that republicans are liars and/or scammers? What a surprise! Thanks for sharing the obvious. Amazing you haven’t thought of doing so before. Oh well, if lying and cheating makes you feel better, so be it. See ya in November!

  7. Terry says:

    Colluding with Russia to steal the election is not winning.

  8. Troll says:

    Terry and PMD a Democratic governor would never sign on to this. A Democratic Governor would never work this hard to steal Foxconn from other competing states states. The idea of offering a company the ability to not pay state taxes for 25 years must make your heads spin. There are risks. Liberals don’t believe in innovation. I remember in 1995 Michael Moore coming to Milwaukee and crying at the steps of City Hall about Ameritech phone company raising the cost of pay phone service from 25 cents to fifty cents. Moore claimed the poor were getting screwed. Ameritech suggested they need to raise rates to invest into the company. Investing in companies is a good thing. Europe does not have Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google. No unions there either. Foxconn must be able to innovate as well.

  9. Terry says:

    @Troll, You are trying to convince me, a Seattle born and raised, West Coast, I mean Best Coast boy, that ” Liberals don’t believe in innovation.” Really? Really??
    “Do you realize how ignorant these statements really are? Think about it.
    We do agree however, “Europe does not have Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple and Google.”
    Do you know which states those are in? Think about it for awhile…Got it? Progressive blue states! That’s right! Hardcore democratic states.Not republican.
    Progressive Democratic blue states innovate. They are thriving and have been for years precisely because we innovate. Regressive conservative red states do not. They mooch off of thriving progressive blue states.

    You know what failing regressive conservative republican red states do? They hand over 4.5 Billion dollars in taxpayers’ money in corporate welfare for a foreign company to, maybe, bring a few low wage wage slave soon-to-be automated or innovated into nonexistence TV screen maker jobs to the state. It’s called the “Scott Walker’s Wississippification of Wisconsin. Have you seen a lot of your aforementioned “innovation” in Mississippi lately? Alabama? Didn’t think so. Seen much of any in Scott Walker’s Wississippi, (at least outside of what professional drooling half-wit Sean Duffy calls “communist” Madison? You know, where the jobs and true innovation actually are?) Didn’t think so. Why? Because they are all out west in Seattle, San Francisco, vaping legal cannabis, living free, making millions and innovating! The real question is. Why aren’t you? Why isn’t Wisconsin?

    Dump Walker 2018

  10. Troll says:

    Terry, why doesn’t your side demand FaceBook, Amazon, Google, Apple or Microsoft have corporate unions? Surely, Apple with $258 billion in cash on the books can give a little more to form a union. Why do you not demand these Democratic Billionaires Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates and Buffett give half of their wealth which is approximately, $300 billion to African Americans in slave reperations. Can you not see the plight black America has survived. Surely, these kind humane billionaires can spare $150 billion dollars to make sure all African American families can own stock or real estate. No the Liberals only hit them up for political donations.

  11. GRNDPAKWH says:

    In a non-presidential year the electorate is concerned with down ballot candidates. The Wisconsin Democratic party does not run candidates in what they consider Republican areas. Without candidates to vote for, Democrats will stay home and Walker will win a third term.

  12. Terry says:

    @Troll. You never answered my simple question.
    Why not? Please do so so and stay on subject. It’s not about your evil “unions.” It’s about innovation and the lack thereof in Walker’s Wississippi.

  13. TransitRider says:

    Troll asks ” Why do you not demand these Democratic Billionaires Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates and Buffett give half of their wealth which is approximately, $300 billion to African Americans in slave reperations [sic]”

    Um, Gates and Buffet have committed to give away at least that much to charity before they die. While I don’t have a complete list of where specifically that money is going, I know that treatment of serious tropical diseases (you know, things that are found in Africa, but not much in America or Europe) that heretofore have been neglected by Western medicine.

    As of this past summer, Buffet and Gates had already given away nearly $80 billion. (Gates, for example, now only owns 1.3% of Microsoft.)

    So tell me, what are Charles and David Koch doing with all their money? Other than David Koch giving away $0.1 billion to Lincoln Center (so he could get one of its buildings renamed for him), I know of nothing.

    And what about Donald Trump? Has he given anything to charity (other than than free rounds of golf) in years?

  14. Rita Brunkow says:

    Anyone who has worked in a factory in the last 10 knows how this Fox Con is going to go, and this guy from Taiwan is worse than most. Low wages, crappy fake benefits, long hours, constant turnover, no retirement plan the average worker can afford without giving up food, housing and transportation, increasing expectations no matter how hard you work, very limited time off around the ‘needs of management’ etc….. Oh sure, there are a few nice jobs for the engineers and management….until the grass starts to look greener elsewhere for the owner. To boot, this is a private company. There is nothing in this for the worker except debt peonage and his/her health to go from overwork. Walker made a really, really, bad ‘investment for Wisconsin. This is Wisconsin, not Africa. A governor that treats our state like some third world colony for the highest bidder?? We are headed for a trade war with China. Is this some political reward from elites from trump/walker supporters. The Kochs have a pretty good market in East Asia these days refining, natural gas, chemicals, metals etc.. where they don’t mind polluters and admire profit margins. I am suspicious of just what this huge planned facility with all the power and infrastructure and power is really going to be and who really ends up with it.

  15. max says:

    Thanks for posting this piece, interesting survey, looks like Walker is one of a few across the country who is under water, perhaps welfare for big rich corporations isn’t quite as popular as Walker caculated. It’s one thing to aggressively pursue business expansion, it’s another thing to sell off the farm at a bargain price, then add insult to injury with related taxpayer costs via increased electricity costs and road building. Perhaps the governor will be faced with finding real employment for the first time in his long long political career.

  16. John Casper says:


    You wrote, “Liberals don’t believe in innovation.”

    Why don’t you?

    Conservatives didn’t make Milwaukee the “tool shop to the world.”

  17. John Casper says:

    Troll, how would you like the media to defend $ 4 billion in welfare plus the real prize, Lake Michigan water?

  18. John Casper says:


    I’m sorry you’re opposed to President Reagan.

    Our “side” does support unions for “FaceBook, Amazon, Google, Apple Microsoft,….”

    “They remind us that where free unions and collective bargaining are forbidden, freedom is lost… They remind us that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

    I paste the link to President Reagan’s speech below in my next comment.

  19. Troll says:

    Casper, you cite the environmental impact of Foxconn. We Energies has stated that Fox Conn will use four times more power than the highest user in the state. They will bot elaborate on #2. It is conceivable that Fox Conn will use more power than the 10 users in Wisconsin combined. The Southeast corridor of Wisconsin will flourish and the media has done a good job telling the rest of Wisconsin that they will not benefit.

  20. John Casper says:


    Thanks for bringing up the new $140 million substation that We Energies rate payers are building for Foxconn.

  21. will says:

    How much will it cost each household in Wisconsin? 2,000.00 or higher? The Foxconn price tag and environmental impact this will have on taxpayers for generations. Don’t forget taxpayers are on the hook for 4.5 billion for Foxconn and 400,000,000.00 for Bucks arena. Remember were broke. The GOP theme “were broke” to dismantle our educational system and infrastructure.

  22. John Casper says:

    Troll, thought you learned your lesson about GOP billionaires on a thread you fled a couple of weeks ago.

    Zuckerburg–Facebook–made tons of money on Russians advertising for Trump.

    I know you’re allergic to links, but provide links to those billionaires you claim aren’t either Republican or neocon.

  23. Terry says:

    @Rita, that’s why Foxcon put in “suicide nets” at their factories in Asia. What you describe to a tee is Career Politician Scott Walker’s Wississippification of Wisconsin. You are correct. It leads to nothing good at all.

    Dump Walker 2018!

  24. Terry says:

    FoxCON is going to cost Wisconsin taxpayers $200,000.00 per job! That’s a lot of money but especially a lot considering that most of the jobs will be crappy paying with few to no good benefits.
    Wississippi anyone??

    Ugh. What kind of sickening idiotic nightmare has this charlatan Walker gotten us into?

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