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Milwaukee Film Festival

Morris from America

Closing night film is a crowd pleaser.

By - Oct 5th, 2016 02:58 pm
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Morris from America

Morris from America

The Milwaukee Film Festival will close with the crowd pleasing Morris from America on Thursday evening at the Oriental Theatre. The coming-of-age tale follows a 13-year-old (Markees Christmas) who dreams of becoming a rapper, but must contend with his father (Craig Robinson) and the fact they’re an African-American family learning their way in Germany. Directed by Chad Hartigan, the film received a positive review from the New York Times. Don’t believe it? Watch the laugh-inducing trailer.


Milwaukee Film Says…

Morris is dealing with all of the normal problems a boy entering his teenage years faces: feelings for girls, struggles to make friends, concerns about where he fits in the world. These issues are compounded by his status as the only African-American student in his new residency of Heidelberg, Germany, thanks to his single father’s (The Office’s Craig Robinson) newly acquired job. With his well-meaning father and protective German instructor as the only friends he has, Morris relies on his love of hip-hop music to help him cope with his outsider status. When Morris catches the eye of 15-year-old Katrin, things seem to be looking up, even though he’ll still have to learn to be comfortable with himself before he can connect with his peers. Director Chad Hartigan tells a fish out-of-water/coming-of-age story with youthful energy and verve to spare in this irresistibly funny and sweet crowd-pleaser.


  • Thursday, October 6th – 7:00 p.m. – Oriental Theatre – Tickets

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