Jeff Moody

Mosquitoes are a drag

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs' new record, "Mosquito," is an uninspired release to be avoided, just like the insect it's named for.

By - Apr 27th, 2013 04:00 am
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YYY2013Who likes mosquitoes? NOBODY BUT BIRDS…

Birds think that mosquitoes are tasty, and there’s probably someone somewhere that finds the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs eplee “Mosquito” tasty, but it ain’t me, and that’s sad, because this has been a band that could break yer heart one moment, and break down the mightiest walls in the next. In a year that has produced music that could be best be characterized as ‘meh” (with a handful of notable exceptions) the Yeah Yeah Yeahs do nothing to help matters. Mosquito offers up lethargic, non-danceable dance tracks, a song that staggers recklessly from alt-rock into gospel for no apparent reason, and features an uninspired Karen O screeching “suck your blood” over and over in a title track that requires an unreasonable amount of patience for the average human to get through. Even the cover art is hideous, like something you’d scroll past in the ReverbNation ghetto. Avoid this one kids, and let’s hope they get back on track quickly.

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