Jeff Moody

Louisville’s Neighbor brings the rock and/or roll

Louisville trio Neighbor strips it down and brings the rock and roll energy with their new album.

By - Feb 2nd, 2013 04:00 am
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Honestly, if you trained a trio of eastern lowland gorillas to play the primal rock format of bass guitar and drums, they just might sound like chimps compared to the monster attack of Louisville’s Neighbor. Heavy as metal, but dirtier, Neighbor sounds like a cross between a Midwestern motorcycle gang and their thrashabout Kentuckiana counterparts Waxeater. Don’t let the computerized Disney muzak in the shopping malls fool you; rock (and roll) is very much alive in the existent American pockets of resistance, and Neighbor’s self-titled elpee serves notice. It’s 2013’s first bloody punch in the mouth.

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