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Winter 2013 Gallery Night

The TCD Recap

Our curated Storify recap, with entries from TCD staffers and fellow gallery hoppers, offers a cross-section of the evening's events.

By - Jan 20th, 2013 10:46 pm

This Friday and Saturday marked the first Gallery Night and Day of 2013, with Milwaukee art lovers flocking from gallery to gallery. TCD staffers joined the crowd, traveling to exhibitions in the Third Ward, Downtown, Walker’s Point, Bay View, the East Side and more, and cataloging what we saw using social media and our #tcdart hashtag.

The results are below, in a Storify recap of the evening’s events. Of course, we weren’t the only ones out there, so we’ve curated a number of other tweets and posts from our fellow gallerygoers. If you’ve got more photos yet to reveal, post them to Facebook or Twitter and tag ThirdCoast Digest (@tcdigest) so we can turn our eye on them – otherwise, enjoy the recap, and hopefully we’ll see you out with us in the spring!


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Milwaukee’s Winter Gallery Night

ThirdCoast Digest recaps Winter Gallery Night 2013, in Milwaukee. | #TCDart #GalleryNight | @TCDigest |

Storified by ThirdCoast Digest· Sun, Jan 20 2013 20:40:13

Gallery Night’s not just something you throw together, whether you’re on the artists’, writers’ or patrons’ side of things. It takes a little bit of prepwork.
TCD’s Winter Gallery Night Guide | ThirdCoast DigestPut on your warm, fuzzy scarf – fine, maybe a beret – and get ready for an urban winter adventure: let’s go out for Gallery Night. This e…
Timothy is getting prepped for #Milwaukee #GalleryNight. (#art #cleaning #newyears #resoluti @ @PfisterHotel Pfister Hotel
Hope to see you all at @PfisterHotel this Friday for the first #GalleryNight I will be a part of! Kashou
So my milwaukee twitter peeps. What is all going down, what are the hot shows for Gallery night this Friday?? #MKEgallerynightJeremy Plunkett
Photo: Work in progress. #gallerynight “Steampunk Goddess” Horton
Late night gallery elves working hard for Fridays opening with @colinmatthes via @MakealFlammini @SkyHighMKE :// Levine
You won’t want to miss this! @arirosenthal #gallerynight Iron Horse Hotel
Awesome-I’ve started doing my vision exercises, but everyone just thinks I’m rolling my eyes at them @matthewreddin #tcdart #gallerynightKat Murrell
Pre-gallery night exercises – goes a little something like this @matthewreddin #tcdart #gallerynight Murrell
A few genuine art places for the nation’s only Midwestern ArtPlace. For your Gallery Night & Day pleasure. City
Checking out some amazing ice sculptures and local art @ Gallery Night in the third ward tomorrow! Join me?Megan Zingsheim
Stop by Gallerie M from 5-9pm tomorrow as part of #GalleryNight to admire the works of the 6 @PfisterHotel Artist in Residence finalists!InterContinental MKE
@ArtMilwaukee crew, getting ready to install the #SydneyHih sign over Plankinton Ave, #MKE. Thx for saving our history!
And before you know it, it’s Friday night, the city’s galleries opening their doors to reveal the art and exhibitions we’ve all been waiting for.
Ready for Gallery Night!….and day! Public Mkt
Can’t wait for gallery night at @PfisterHotel with Timothy Westbrook designs + styling @AlexisRoseStyle. Got to love a free fashion show!Corleen Heidgerken
Riding the #artbus tonight for gallery night! #ilovemilwaukeeSeiche Sanders
When you are in a bit of a design funk such as me, you go to Gallery Night with an agenda to see 300+ pieces. Bielski
Gallery night! It’s all coming together. Berkshire
It’s here! #gallerynight in MKE. Plan accordingly with my top picks for @TCDigest Sattell
Beautiful start to the weekend! #GalleryNight #thirdward #perfectplacetohangout Public Mkt
Don’t forget to stop by @InterConMKE as part of #GalleryNight to meet the Artist in Residence finalists! Pfister Hotel
Third Ward Gallery Night ! Good wine, good food, & good people.Brytni Cyganiak
Happy #gallerynight everyone!! #milwaukee #wisconsin #thirdwardJulie Pahnke
Joy to all at gallery night! Olaf Nasett
Actually finding a parking space that isn’t 20 blocks from the 3rd Ward: A sure sign of a good #gallerynight. #tcdartMatthew Reddin
The imperial ballroom at the @pfisterhotel waiting in anticipation for tonight’s #fashion show. Heidgerken

Downtown/East Side/Riverwest

Downtown, the biggest gala of the evening was centered around the Pfister Hotel, where artist-in-residence Timothy Westbrook staged a fashion show featuring his designs…
Timothy’s big fashion show and post #GalleryNight reception is about a kickoff in a little over an hour!The Pfister Hotel
Read the tale of Fred Pfister, #PfisterNarrator @Jkashou and Timothy Westbrook’s collaborative Gallery Night story Pfister Hotel
Starting to fill up in the Imperial for Timothy’s Fashion Show! #gallerynight #milwaukee #ar @ @PfisterHotel Pfister Hotel
Photos from Timothy Westbrook’s studio at the @PfisterHotel for gallery night. Heidgerken
Backstage shot of Timothy Westbrook Gallery Night Fashion Show at The Pfister Hotel. Styling by @alexisrosestyle
Not wool — scarf made of cassette tape — Timothy Westbrook at the Pfister #gallerynight #tcdart Murrell
The video that opened Timothy’s #Fashion Show on #GalleryNight (@AlexisRoseStyle)The Pfister Hotel
#sexy #sassy #victorian #milwaukee #gallerynight creations by @AlexisRoseStyle at the Pfister modeled by @honeynoir Philosophica
More fabulousness by @AlexisRoseStyle #gallerynight #mke Philosophica
Over at the Intercon’s Gallerie M, the hopefuls seeking to take Westbrook’s spot displayed their work to an eager crowd…
Take a look at all of the fantastic finalists to be our next Artist in Residence Visit FB to vote! Pfister Hotel
Voting has opened! Now is your time to cast yourFacebook
Buffalo chicken coquettes + tough competition at the #GalleryNight @PfisterHotel artist-in-residence show. #tcdartLacy Landre
Great turnout for @pfisterhotel Artist in Residence finalists @ @InterConMKE (InterContinental Milwaukee) MKE
…the letters from the Sydney Hih building made their return to prominence as public art at the Shops of Grand Avenue…
#Sydneyhih install Milwaukee
Sydney Hih back on display Brandt
…and the Milwaukee Art Museum spiced things up with a little salsa for their After Dark party.
Don’t you wish you were here?! #MAMAfterDark #Salsa Art Museum
MAM:AD #salsa #crafting #perusingtheartexhibits #pretendingtobeafancyadultGrant Postier
Having a great time at the Milwaukee Art Museum for #artafterdarkCaitlin Kluba
Dancers from Cultura En Clave Dance Company are heating up the dance floor! Art Museum
Further north near UWM, Inova showed off its half of the Makers in Print series, a shared exhibition with MIAD.
#GalleryNight continues at inova #tcdart
#notacrook #tcdart #GalleryNight #inova
This is not 3D! Whaaaaaat?? #inova #GalleryNight #tcdart
And in Riverwest, Jackpot Gallery offered a variety of colorful works to visitors.
From last night’s #GalleryNight Jackpot Gallery in Riverwest. Glass art by John Kelly #TCDart Leu
Another from Jackpot Gallery #GalleryNight. #TCDart. Leu
Oil painting by Mike Fredrickson. #GalleryNight #TCDart Jackpot Gallery. Leu

Historic Third Ward

The Third Ward may have had so much art this Gallery Night it was spilling out on the streets…
Ice sculpting in the Third Ward #MKE Putchel
Catalano Square full of people carving stuff out of ice.Todd Ruehmer
Get outside and check these guys out quick! #HappyFriday @ThirdWardMKE Strigenz
Sculptures on Ice – ice sculpting competition – is going on NOW in Catalano Square (Broadway and Menomonee) Third Ward
I don’t always @instagram, but when I do it’s of a melting t-rex. Fav ice sculpture in the 3rd Ward #trex #littlearms Alvarez
The sun is pretty but it’s melting the sculptures. Get to Catalano Square soon to see Sculptures on Ice. Third Ward
Best art of the night at Catalano Square. #Dinosaur #ice sculpture #tcdart #GalleryNight Landre
…but the brunt of the neighborhood’s fare was inside places like the Marshall Building, a bustling hub throughout the night.
It’s Gallery Night in @ThirdWardMKE. Stop up to 6 in the Marshall Building to see our new space w/12 artists moved in! Tuba
Chandelier in the Marshall building. Love it.brandonminga
Flower dress = awesomesauce @ Elaine Erickson Gallery. #tcdart Reddin
Portrait Society #MarshallBuilding B. Redington
Turns out the Shane Walsh show at Portrait Society is 8 times cooler in person. #tcdart Reddin
Kevin Giese’s meditative Winter Chapel at Portrait Society — it even smells calm #gallerynight #tcdart Murrell
Sadler Gallery in the Marshall Building has really strong paintings – very impressive #GalleryNight #TCDArtKat Murrell
Busy, busy up in our new location for Gallery Night. Tuba
#ReginaldBaylor Studio #MKE #GalleryNight B. Redington
#MarshallBuilding #MKE #GalleryNight B. Redington
Honeycomb Productions filming late. #plaidtuba McWiz
Of course, the Marshall Building wasn’t the only game in town. All over the Third Ward, galleries showed off what they brought to the table.
Present for me please. (@ Tory Folliard) #gallerynight #tcdart Reddin
Just kidding, I’ll take this instead. #homeimprovement #tcdart Reddin
Lovely space, atmosphere, and art at Sensorium #gallerynight #tcdart Murrell
Check out the exhibit line-up at MIAD:
@MIAD #MIAD GalleryNight #MKE B. Redington
#regram from @stephavia. Gallery night last night.
Gallery Night 2night: “Memories in the Making” features paintings by individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease. Fairbanks
Art and stories from the “memories in the making” show at gallery night tonight. 🙂 Thomas
#gallerynight The “Memories in the Making” exhibit is incredibly moving. Artists w/ Alzheimer’s: Fairbanks
Love this. #milwaukee #splash Schultz
Splash Studio’s Photos | FacebookFacebook

Walker’s Point/Bay View

Across the bridge, Walker’s Point and Bay View weren’t willing to be left out of the fun. This weekend marked the last chance to see the CoPA show at the WPCA, and Arts @ Large and Iron Horse Hotel held shows as well.
Gallery Night: Last chance to view CoPA Exhibition, open through Saturday. Jessica Schafer’s featured member show will open Friday, 5-9pm.WPCA (Arts Center)
Juried #CoPA show @wpca – stunning photos in a great new space. #GalleryNight #tcdart Landre
Tagging along w/Washington Park Young Scientists to arts@Large for #GalleryNight BROOKE
#Ghost art on #GalleryNight is almost as good. Maybe better? #nintendo #tcdart #scary Landre
We might be biased, but we like this piece a …Facebook
In Bay View, Sky High Gallery was a popular pick, but it wasn’t the only hot spot.
TONIGHT join us at Sky High Gallery for the opening of GETTING BY IN THE FOREVERSCAPE new work by colinmatt Levine
Essential knowledge: volume 2. Poster set released tonight at skyhigh gallery Matthes
Colin Mathes at Sky High – pointed, edgy, yet practical -like MacGyver #tcdart #gallerynight Murrell
Mmm, toasty warm at tonic tavern #GalleryNight
#gallerynight art (@ Razor) Horton
At Josh’s #GalleryNight! 🙂 (@ Hide House w/ 5 others) [pic]: Sampon

Gallery Day

And best yet, it wasn’t all over when Saturday rolled around. More than a few Milwaukee arts-lovers hit the streets, either for a second time or second chance.
It’s Gallery Day – plenty of time to see what you may have missed last night!MIAD
Yoga @ the Museum… #EarlyBird @ Milwaukee Art Museum Kenney
a bite to eat at #honeypie before #GalleryNight (day!) #TCDart begins !Kristen Poehlmann
Had a great Gallery Night last night! I’m going to head out for the “Day” part. Anyone see something awesome? Let me knowEmmanuel Fritz
Hanging out at translator labs with some amazing art work today. Stop by if you’re in the third ward today.thewhitneyann
Gallery Day at @Kasana_mke. What a beautiful Saturday to come to the Third Ward for art appreciation!
layered texture and saturation of downtown Chicago. #chicagolicious @ironhorsehotel #GalleryNight #tcdart Poehlmann
I’m in a New York State of mind. @ironhorsehotel #GalleryNight #tcdart Poehlmann
Quiet on the set! “Spectacle!” is filming. See the exhibition at The North End on Feb. 1! Tuba
#honeycombproductions #spectacle #film on #gallery day. With #wctank and friends. Villanueva
childhood monsters. #ToryFolliardGallery #GalleryNight #tcdart Poehlmann
Ben Grant at the #color #show @toryfolliardgalleryeddievillanueva
psychedelic colorful flow. #ToryFolliardGallery #GalleryNight #tcdart Poehlmann
If you like color, the Gallery is the place to be today at 1pm for the Artists’ Talks on “COLOR”. Join us!ToryFolliardGallery
#artist talks @toryfolliardgalleryeddievillanueva
beadwork. @MKEPublicMarket #GalleryNight #tcdart Poehlmann
lungs of Chi-town. #MyDwelling #GalleryNight #tcdart Poehlmann
An afternoon of art and sweet architecture, w/ @doctorjackpine @ Milwaukee Art Museum Helzer
Gallery Night & Day had to end sooner or later, but we won’t be forgetting the art anytime soon – or the evening/morning we spent hunting it down.
What a fantastic gallery night! Still didn’t get to all the places I wanted to, but DID get to see some amazing work and great people!Jessica Kaminski
Gallery Night model pose andreafrances stephaniemariesteinhauer Juranek
glad I went to gallery night and met that photographer 🙂 his work was amazing!Caitlin Staedler
One of the themes taken from the winter gallery night is that #SydneyHiH will be missed. Saw many works including t-shirts.Cory Bielski
#gallery #night #artwork #black #tree #reflection #parallelsynchronizedrandomness #cielorojo #friends #angst Rodríguez
RT @JVBrownsgirl: Paint. Gallery Night in #Milwaukee. Palmer

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