Mark Metcalf

State of education in the Walker Era

By - Mar 1st, 2012 04:00 am
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It was just over one year ago when Gov. Walker’s proposal to cut funding for public education and eliminate collective bargaining rights for public employees was met with staunch opposition at the Capitol square in Madison inciting a fiery debate, one that remains at the forefront of political discourse here in the great state of Wisconsin.

Tom Beebe, Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools

Today, “Backstage with Mark Metcalf” begins a podcast series on the state of education in Wisconsin.

We begin our conversation with Tom Beebe, executive director for the Wisconsin Alliance of Excellent Schools, to take a bigger picture look at school funding in the state of Wisconsin.

Listen now:

“Backstage with Mark Metcalf” – Tom Beebe, Wisconsin Alliance for Excellent Schools

“Backstage with Mark Metcalf” is recorded at the ThirdCoast Digest office in the Shops of Grand Avenue. 

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