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Music heals at Guitars for Vets

By - Nov 17th, 2011 04:00 am
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In honor of those who serve in the military, TCD presents a series of conversations with veterans who live and work in the Milwaukee area. Click here for Part One with Ted Lasser of VETransfer, and here for Part Two with David Pelis of Dry Hootch.

Guitars for Vets promotional video

Not until fairly recently have we begun to learn the effects fighting in a war can have on a person mentally as well as physically. Veterans like Guitars For Vets co-founder and President, Dan Van Buskirk, searched for ways to deal with things like Post-traumatic Stress Disorder and other consequences of war.

In 2007, Van Buskirk went to Cream City Music in search of a guitar he could learn to play. There, he met Patrick Nettesheim, a Milwaukee-area guitar instructor. After a few lessons and some encouraging results, the two started on a path that would lead them to co-found Guitars for Vets, an organization who’s mission is to use the healing power of music to help veterans cope with the effects of war.

Guitars for Vets is based right here in Milwaukee and provides guitars to veterans across the country.

Listen now:

Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Dan Van Buskirk, Guitars for Vets

To make a donation to Guitars for Vets, click here, or visit their website,

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