Jeff Moody

Weak Spit

By - Nov 12th, 2011 04:00 am
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So, The Spits are a band I know nothing about. All I know about The Spits is what I’ve heard from them on V, and honestly, that ain’t a whole lot. The elpee opens up with “All I Want,” which is a certifiable smash in the puss despite sounding EXACTLY like an old Ramones B-side. The track has so much muscle, you just won’t care, BUT… it’s all downhill from there, because just about EVERY track on V sounds like a Ramones knockoff.

Some are better then others, but ultimately, The Ramones were seminal, special and far superior to this. If you are too young to remember The Ramones, none of that will matter, and The Spits might sound fresh and exciting to you. If so, enjoy.

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