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The best of both worlds

By - Mar 26th, 2011 04:00 am
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“Confusing” only begins to describe the weather Midwesterners experience this time of year. In the space of a week, it goes from sunny and 55 to what meteorologists like to call a “winter mix” of rain, snow and biting winds. Amongst all of this back and forth, my clothes are caught in a bi-polar weather mess!

Like everyone, I’m itching to break out of my winter wardrobe and slip into light, colorful fabrics. So why not have both while we wait for the weather to break? Now is a great time to start test driving your favorite warm weather items — you just have to know how to layer them properly, at least while the temperature still threatens to go below freezing.

When you’re not wading through melting puddles or navigating treacherous patches of ice, take a minute to peek into your closet to find the perfect tools to help you transition.


A good hat goes a long way. Photos by And Nancy says via Flickr.

Hats. From floppy to structured, I’m always a fan of a good hat. It will keep your head warm now and your frizz under control later while your hair readjusts to the humidity. I just purchased a great straw fedora from Gap, and am already fantasizing about how it will be paired with a worn-in pair of jeans and a plaid shirt for late spring, or a swimsuit and beach wrap for the pool this summer! If you’re up for it, try a wide brimmed floppy felt hat with your winter coat to keep warm- it will still work in the spring with a ruffle peasant top and skinny jeans.

Scarves. Donning a scarf is an easy way to modify your wardrobe in a matter of seconds. Check out this awesome YouTube video to find new and unique ways to wear a scarf. (This girl turns hers into a vest!) The possibilities seem endless especially if you choose a longer, lightweight, neutral-colored scarf.


Boyfriend cardigan + bold tights = A winning combination.

Jacket/Cardigan. Cardigans are my favorite when it comes to transitioning your wardrobe. We all know that layering is the best way to stay warm, but the rule also applies to staying cool! One of my favorite ways to incorporate the cardigan this spring is to pair a cute floral print dress with a frilly cardi, or give it a harder edge with a leather bomber jacket. When the mercury starts to rise, you’ll have a solid outfit option that can easily be modified to last through Labor Day.

Floral skirt. Speaking of floral- it’s one of the hottest patterns of the season! Look and feel like spring in a mini-skirt with a bold floral print on it. Pair it with opaque, solid color tights for some extra zest. Or try the new midi-skirt. That’s right, midi-skirt. A skirt that hits mid-calf is gaining wild popularity thanks to the Spring/Summer 2011 runways.

All of these transition items are great additions to your closet (some you might already have!) and will be worthwhile purchases for seasons to come.

We may be playing the waiting game with spring, but our style waits for no one!

*Images for lead provided by Miss Sundress, Lord Ash Photography and Castaway Vintage via Flickr.

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