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A “Mad Hot” approach to arts education

By - Mar 10th, 2011 04:00 am
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Deborah Farris

In the debate over the effect that arts education has on students, one recurring argument is that programs like music, dance or art are somewhat impractical, or that they don’t prepare students to become a part of the workforce.

Deborah Farris begs to differ. Farris is the Executive Director of Danceworks, a dance company known for its multi-faceted approach to performance, education and outreach programs for adults, seniors and students in Milwaukee’s underserved communities. In 2006, Danceworks launched Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap, a program which now brings ballroom dance to 42 middle schools and 5 high schools in Milwaukee, focusing on those in the central city.

On today’s podcast, Deborah and I discuss exactly how learning the tango contributes to a child’s overall academic achievement, and how the arts can instill certain intangible qualities — confidence, self-esteem, teambuilding– that in turn help create well-rounded members of society.

Listen now:

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Learn more about Danceworks and Mad Hot Ballroom and Tap here. Subscribe to these podcasts through iTunes here.

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