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Milwaukee Noise Fest at The Borg Ward

By - Sep 23rd, 2010 10:44 am
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For the fifth year running, the ear-quaking Milwaukee Noise Fest promises to freak out even the most adventurous music geeks.

Noise has long been reviled by the most surprising of groups – even those into the weirdest experimental music or the craziest blasting grind will decry noise as, well, just a bunch of noise – a criticism historically leveled at their genres of choice as well. The fact is, some of the most talented and thoughtful composers out there right now are working in one subgenre of noise or another, and while there’s no faulting folks for their aesthetic preferences, it’s not unfair to suggest that noise is an acquired taste–a vast realm that takes some dedicated exploring.

You have to learn the language – and what better way to begin than with a three day fest featuring over thirty acts, spanning (and shattering) subgenres of noise, rock, metal, jazz and electronic music. There’s a little of something for everyone – even those whose familiarity with the genre is lacking, or hate noise on principle.

The fest kicks off tonight at the Borg Ward (823 W. National) with sets from local ambient pedal-mashers Captivity, Vermont’s harshest-of-the-harsh A Snake In the Grass and one of my personal favorites, Anvil Dome. The night culminates in an explosion of sinister darkness with Luasa Raelon, who is not to be missed.

Friday gets even louder with a headlining set from Chicago’s drone metal outfit (and Pitchfork darlings) Locrian, and Saturday opens things up even further with found sounds, vicious power electronics and free improvisation from around the country. Milwaukee noise legend Eric Lunde (BoyDirtCar, TRAIT) headlines.

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