Dave Reid

Food Cart Friday!

By - Aug 6th, 2010 10:45 am
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Today, starting at 11 am and running until 3 pm, in Cathedral Square, the East Town Association is holding what is hopefully the first of many Food Cart Fridays.

At today’s event you’ll find hot dogs, brats, pizza, egg rolls (yes egg rolls have arrived on Milwaukee’s street food scene), pitas, crepes, and more.  The biggest challenge might just be determining what to get for lunch.

For many years there have been taco trucks and hot dog stands in Milwaukee, but recently new street vendors have been popping up, with more to come.  Although Milwaukee hasn’t reached the heights of street food, like in Portland or L.A., there is a clear trend, and events like these are helping to grow the movement, which can only add to Milwaukee’s street life.

Some of the vendors you’ll see at today’s event include: Tigerbite, George’s Big Dogs, Streetza Pizza, Pita Brothers, and Satellite Crepes.


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