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The imbibing experience

By - Jun 10th, 2010 04:00 am
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Photo by Brian Jacobson

This week, Backstage with Mark Metcalf begins a new series exploring the many avenues of the bar scene in our fair city, and the people who make it happen. The guests run the gamut of tavern talent — everything from the corner pub to posh lounges and bistros. They talk about cocktail history,  the role of a (good) bartender, defining the “perfect martini” and just what exactly a “Mixologist” is.

Part One: Daniel Dufek of the Hi-Hat Lounge

Daniel Dufek (but you can call him Dan, too) has been working the other side of the bar at the Hi-Hat Lounge for about four years now. He’s one of a cadre of Milwaukee service folks determined to bring a little bit of craft back into the bar scene. Sure, he’s an amiable barman, happy to crack cans of PBR and refill a rum and coke any night of the week, but he’s more interested in concocting multi-layered elixirs and providing an alternative to the typical bar experience.

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