Droids Attack, “The Great Wall Of ‘Gina”

By - May 13th, 2010 02:22 am
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Droids Attack are one of our favorite Madison bands. While they would fall under the label of “stoner rock” even if bassist Nate Bush’s eyes weren’t always rolled in back of his head while he’s on stage, their love of near Motorhead-style tempos gives them a punkier edge than most band of that ilk. And guitarist Brad Van’s love of classic arcade games (he’s the former owner of a classic arcade on State Street in Madtown) guarantees that they’re loads geekier than most as well. The Droids have a killer new disc out on Crustacean Records called Must Destroy, and they’ve teamed up with director Natalie Hinckley to unleash this rad new video for the song “The Great Wall of ‘Gina.” And yes, the tune is as awesome as a song with that name had damn well better be. Blood! Red-tinted lighting! A burlesque dancer! Rock video or Anton LaVey documentary? The correct answer is “yes.”

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