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Mayor’s Hand Will Require Further Surgery

By - Feb 15th, 2010 12:00 pm
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Six months after an attack that caused broken bones, and three months after he declared his candidacy for governor, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett delivered his State of the City Address at the international headquarters of Manpower, Inc.

Manpower is a worldwide employment company, which despite its sexist name even offers jobs for women! (Someday they’ll change the name to “Peoplepower,” and we’ll all have a good laugh.)

Over 400 attended the mayor’s address, centered on his typical “jobs” theme. He talked about C&D Technologies, which will employ an additional 150 workers here to crank out lithium ion batteries for the Army.

He made a special announcement that a Spanish firm named Ingeteam plans to build generators for wind farms at a new plant in the Menomonee Valley. Now he says it’s time to get cracking at the 84-acre Century City — the former Tower Automotive site.

The mayor also thanked the attending multitudes and did a shout-out to a number of those in the audience.

His speech was 10 pages long, and I had him autograph my copy, which he did right-handed this time, with some difficulty.

His right hand, unfortunately, has not healed well, and the mayor says he will have to undergo surgery to re-break and re-set his hand. I can imagine how unappealing it must be to have to get your bones busted voluntarily. The mayor added the procedure will be undertaken by a different surgeon than he employed in August.

[I misunderstood the mayor to say the surgeon was different. He just said he would have a different person break his hand, meaning his assailant. He is employing the services of the same surgeon.]

Just take one look at his hand, and you’ll agree that’s a prudent decision. You don’t see many claws like that outside a lobster tank.

February’s Most Wanted

Here is the Most Wanted Poster issued by the Police Department for February. I had a pest of a time downloading this thing. Don’t recognize a soul.

This article was originally published by Milwaukee World.

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