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Remarkable Milwaukee at The Pfister Hotel

By - Oct 13th, 2009 03:48 pm
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An Elegant, Historically Inspired Dinner Served in the Grand Ballroom, 7PM
Punch, Frivolities

Puree of fresh peas, dite saint-germain
Filet of Kennebec Salmon – sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, anchovy mayonnaise

Cutlets of young turkey, cream sauce with green peppercorns; Cauliflower polonaise, asparagus, oyster stuffing, sweet potatoes, Peach Melba

Please let us know if you require a vegetarian dinner.


Featuring a video by Aurum Design to introduce a talk with The Pfister’s General Manager Joe Kurth, and Honoree Mr. Greg Marcus.

Remarkable Milwaukee

Monday, November 2nd, 2009 at The Pfister Hotel

With guests of honor Mr. Greg Marcus, President and CEO of The Marcus Corporation, and Mr. Joe Kurth, General Manager of The Pfister Hotel.

An event to honor The Pfister Hotel and The Marcus Corporation while supporting Historic Milwaukee’s Mission to increase awareness of and commitment to Milwaukee’s history, architecture, and the preservation of our built environment.

Remarkable Reception 5PM
Cash Bar, Hors d’oeuvres, and music by The Neil Davis Duo

Silent Auction in the Hall of Presidents to support Historic Milwaukee, Inc.
History Tour with Concierge Peter Mortensen

First tour begins at 5PM
“As concierge for over 24 years, Mr. Mortensen is sought after today to lead special historical tours of the building. He knows a thing or two about what makes this hotel tick…”

Art Tour with Artist-in-Residence Reginald Baylor

First tour begins at 5PM

Reginald Baylor will give guests a tour of The Pfister Hotel’s Victorian Art Collection through the eyes of an artist. Learn about Mr. Baylor’s creative process and view his work; you will see The Pfister’s collection of paintings through new eyes.

Afterglow at The Pfister Hotel’s Blu Bar, 9PM
Join Historic Milwaukee and the music of the Neil Davis Duo while we imbibe one of the best sky-high views of Milwaukee at Blu Bar.

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