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Checkers & Chess

By - Sep 26th, 2009 09:30 am
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Those who enjoyed the political commentary found in VITAL Source Magazine might remember Checkers and Chess, a column that featured two commentators exploring one idea from radically different viewpoints. We figure that now is a perfect time to relaunch the feature, what with political race season beginning, budgets under fire and our region’s political, social and economic future in transition once again.

Don’t look here for the news: this is all about gloves-off debate, and as Checkers & Chess matures, you’ll see our columnists going head-to-head on the hot-button issues of the day.

Jump in with your comments. Bait the writers. Challenge their positions. If you think you’ve got a better handle on an idea, write me here and propose a guest column. We want to hear from you. Because in the end, we’re all in this crazy world together, and I believe we all want basically the same things. We just have very different ways of traveling the road.

This week: with word that U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) bowed out of the 2010  gubernatorial race  on Thursday before he ever really entered it, TCD pundits Patti Wenzel and Ted Bobrow couldn’t wait to weigh in. See their takes and projections on who will continue forward to become the next governor of Wisconsin.

In the red corner: Wenzel crystal ball’s a Walker/Barrett contest

In the blue corner: Bobrow wonders who has the fortitude  to win this race

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