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Twitter Art

By - Jun 5th, 2009 09:20 am
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Boris Ostrerov, a Milwaukee based multidisciplinary artist, is pleased to present his latest project titled, “Twitter Installation” at the Walkers Point Center for the Arts (WPCA) Annual Member’s Show on view from June 5th until July 2nd 2009. The “Twitter Installation” explores the phenomenon of Twitter, a micro-blogging service that is becoming an increasingly popular form of communication and sharing.

In the “Twitter Installation,” Ostrerov is materializing virtual posts or status updates, known as “tweets” among the Twitter community, into a physical semitransparent mountain or puddle-like form. Utilizing the username “Installation1,” Ostrerov will compile all the tweets of his followers and print them on small translucent strips of paper, which he will bring to the gallery and drop in the same spot on the floor every day of the show. Starting from literally nothing on the first day of the show, the pile of tweets will grow, in size depending on the amount of followers the username “Installation1” gains and the amount of times each follower tweets. You too can contribute in the growth of the mountain of tweets by following the username Installation1 on and tweeting ( If enough people are involved, this installation can grow exponentially to a gigantic, yet sensuous form filling up so much space in the gallery that it encroaches on other artworks or blocks a walking path. At the end of the show Ostrerov will glue all the translucent strips of vellum paper into a sphere, solidifying countless conversations of a past moment in history.

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