Howie Goldklang

Sound the alarm

By - Mar 7th, 2009 06:38 pm
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Close my blog now. OK, not NOW now, in like 2 minutes from now. Get up and git yourself back to the main page. Breathe. Take it in. This is for real. Unified, organized(ish), bleeding edge, here and now journalism. Your search is over. Explore the site. Explore Milwaukee. Explore our 3rd Coast. Milwaukee Film is alive and well with screenings galore. Film Wisconsin is bare-knuckle brawlin’ the Gov, which is in line with spirit of true indie film. More and more galleries/artists are VJ-ing, vlogging, adding film showcases … it’s so here and now, its practically reading this blog, with a drink, smiling, scrolling, click … Oh wait, that’s you.

You may click away now.  Now git!

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