REEL Milwaukee

  • Clay that blows you away

    UWM film student Isaiah Wells gets a shot at the big time during the Milwaukee Short Film Festival.


    The Devil and Daniel Johnston

    88Nine's own Scott Mullins will host a screening of "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" Wednesday August 5th at 8pm at the Turner Hall Ballroom.

  • Selig Family gives $200k to Milwaukee Film

    Peep this -- way to go, Milwaukee Film. And for the rest of you, now you know what it costs to get an award named after you. Yep, apparently right around the 200k mark. Not bad.

  • MKE Short Film Fest Trailer Is Alive!

    MSFF Trailer Sept 11-13 @ Eisner / MAM

  • Frankie Latina

    Milwaukee Filmmaker named Top 25 To Watch

    Top 25 New Faces in Independent Film included one of our own in 2009

  • NO GOD, NO MASTER Films In Milwaukee This Summer

    Chicago area based film production company, Strata Productions, Inc., in association with Sacco & Vanzetti, LLC and NGNM, Inc. is gearing up for production this summer on the feature film No God, No Master. Milwaukee, Wisconsin has been a first choice location for Chicago Writer/Director Terry Green since the inception of the script. The city's rich history, vintage architecture and Lake Michigan's horizon are the perfect backdrops for the 1919 period locations, which simulate old world New York City.

  • BONNAROO 2009

    Howie interviews David Byrne, asks Haley Dekle to marry him

    In this edition: NYC love, 19-year-old stoners, watching David Byrne's stuff, The Dirty Projectors, a high school reunion of sorts - and so much more.


    The 36-Hour Report

    The TCD Editorial staff found this crazed dispatch, like a signal from a jam-band-packed corner of outer space, buried at the bottom of the email heap upon arrival at the office this morning. Sounds like quite a time. We've also taken the liberty of bringing you highlights from Howie's Twitter feed, so you can enjoy the madness, even if you're not the Twittering kind.


    Twitter recap

    For those of you who just can’t find it in your heart to Tweet, we present you with our favorite selections from Howie’s live coverage of Bonnaroo on the internet’s most adorable social media platform. If you’re one with the Twitternation, follow him now at or join your TCD friends at –Ed. June 11 1:44 AM #bonnaroo. We have arrived 4:45 AM Feel good after an @magichat n 2 hrs sleep. Everyone who works at this Wal Mart hates hipsters n hippies alike. 7:23 AM Unbridled enthusiasm abounds in #bonnaroo press office @bonnaroonews, where u at? 4:23 PM Alberta Cross: vocals like My Morning Jacket, lazy bass n kick drum like The Verve. UK accents like Arctic Monkeys 4:33 PM @carlinkacarlota and a dude with parrot on his shoulder watching #alberta cross 4:55 PM On top of ferris wheel…..aahhhhjh 9:07 PM My fav port o poop June 12 5:20 AM Good morn! Day 2 @bonnaroo. Press meeting at fri 11am, Girl Talk at sat 2am. What should we do in between? 7:35 AM Just overhead: dude, ” dude, I’ll trade u a pabst for a cigarette.” “dude, I’ll totally do that” #bonnaroo 7:37 AM Randomly seeing parrot guy again kicking it with Biker hippies n blow up doll #bonnaroo 9:31 AM These walls were blank yesterday. #bonnaroo June 13 7:00 AM Bon iver justin vernon (center) talks strategies used at fests to engage peeps: “ask the crowd to be your chorus” 7:03 AM Um, ground control to major tom, I think we’ve lost him #phish 11:03 PM Glowstick war at NIN. Ha June 14 5:02 PM RT @bonnaroonews: Trent Reznor says Bonnaroo his last US concert #bonnaroo ^JL 5:02 PM RT @SpinnerTweet: Final day #Bonnaroo. Did life ever exist before this? Is there still an outside world? Are showers still around? 5:03 PM RT @stereogum: Bonnaroo Sat. recap: Trent says goodbye, Bruce says Merry XMas. Lots of pics + video of new MGMT tune

  • Milwaukee Film rolls out first round of announcements for 2009 Festival

    Here they are: the first five film announcements for the first-ever, breathlessly-anticipated 2009 Milwaukee Film Festival. Who knows what we can tell from five films out of what's likely to be more than 100, but this diverse and cosmopolitan selection of screenings: a supermarket comedy from Uruguay, a clandestine documentary about the 2007 uprising in Burma and an exciting frame-by-frame restoration of Akiro Kurosawa's Rashomon.

  • TCD @ BONNAROO! Manchester TN, June 11-14

    Easy Otis & ThirdCoast Digest are going gonzo style deep into Bonnaroo, posting Twitter and blog updates 24/7 from June 10-15. Who know's who we'll meet: artists and filmmakers from the Third Coast? Lifer waitresses at road side diners? Scary people at 3am? I can't wait either. It's all going down, live and direct. Set the guns to stun.

  • Milwaukee Film Needs Volunteers!

    Milwaukee Film is getting ready to launch its grassroots volunteer program to help spread the word about the upcoming Milwaukee Film Festival!