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  • Milwaukee filmmakers you need to know

    Time to do a quick roll call of Milwaukee filmmakers doing their thing, on their own dime, completely outside of the Film Wisconsin Tax Bill hype (is that even news anymore?) – just creatives being creative. Please link up and let us know about your fave Brew City filmmaker on our REEL Milwaukee blog that […]


    Hey There in Hipster Blog Land: Read below for the skinny on the next step in the Milwaukee Film Festival world….. begs the question…. what the hell happened? Rumors are swirling, Mark Metcalf is going off with a series of articles on but no matter how you slice it, its a sad collision of […]


    Sona Voice – this dude means business. His film, Behold Something Bigger than Tupac, is a tale surrounding the life a man (THE VOICE) from a different continent who sees himself as being greater than (in his opinion) the greatest rapper ever (Tupac Amaru Shakur). That’s a whole lotta greatness being addressed. Check their website […]

  • 99 Bottles Documentary – World Premiere Thursday 8/21

    99 Bottles – WORLD PREMIERE! The world premiere of “99 Bottles Documentary“, directed by Jason Williams and produced by Glen Popple and David Oplinger is happening in it’s home town of Milwaukee WI. August 21st, 2008 7:00pm Oriental Theatre 2230 North Farwell Ave (414) 276-8711 Ticket prices are $10 with half of the box office […]

  • “Jake’s How To” WORLD (Milwaukee) PREMIERE Aug 14th

    Get out there and support something more local than your underwear……. JAKE’S HOW TO Thursday, August 14, 2008 7:00pm – 9:00pm The Oriental Theatre 2230 N. Farwell (at Farwell and North Ave.) Milwaukee, WI August 14 on DVD and Milwaukee’s Oriental Theatre @ 7pm! AFTER PARTY @ CANS! Summer’s ending. School’s starting. Your life […]

  • Breaking Dolly Lemke

    Dolly Lemke is a poet. And not your chain-smoking, sad-just-because poet. I’m talking artist-writer-organizer-real-deal-poet. So, why is she in the film section of VITAL? We’ll get to that. Stir in your Splenda and read on. Since 2002, Lemke has been deeply involved in the Milwaukee arts scene. Be it film work, coordinating with artists on […]

  • Shorewood Movie Love For The Kiddies

    FREE OUTDOOR MOVIE NITE THIS SATURDAY! 7/19 Chill out with a fun summer movie this Saturday night on the lawn of Shorewood High School. The “BEE MOVIE” will be shown at dusk, but make sure you arrive early (7 p.m.) and enjoy special pre-movie entertainment, including a magician and balloon twisting. Bring your lawn chairs […]

  • FREE SCREENING ALERT – Independent America

    The Two Lane Search For Mom & Pop

    hear ye, hear ye: FREE SCREENING @ TIMES CINEMA – Tonight July 8th @ 7pm “Independent America: The Two-Lane Search for Mom & Pop” is a compelling documentary that tells the story of independent retailers trying to make it in the era of big-box retailers dominating the contemporary macroeconomy. While traveling across America to make […]

  • Summer Movie Ga Ga

    Going to the movies in the summer sucks. It is an over-priced, over-hyped rolling out of films produced for the lowest common denominator of potential audiences, with special effects and cherry-picked corporate soundtracks trumping good scripts and stories. Ugh. You wedge yourself into some mall parking slot, work up swamp-ass on that hot walk to […]

  • 48 Hour Films Screening in Milw

    2 Days to shoot em and 1 Night to show em….. 48 Hour Film Project – click here Milwaukee 48 Hour Film Project Screenings Date: Wednesday, June 25th Time: Group A: 6pm Group B: 8pm Place: Landmark Oriental Theatre, 2230 North Farwell Avenue Tickets: $9 for one screening; $15 for both (on-line service charge not […]

  • Guyshouse 48 Hr Film Project Fundraiser Party

    Maybe it’s because his website has 2 logos and doesn’t really link to anywhere. Or maybe it’s because his film production plan consists of $5 keg parties and throwing friends behind and in front of cameras but Guyhouse film happenings seem to capture everything good about punk rocker, renegade indie films. Want proof? Go […]

  • Film Festivals

    Overview of the Underground

    So you’re all lock, stocked and two smoking laptops. You just hit the SAVE and RENDER button on your favorite editing program and the world is your painfully hip oyster. Next, you’ll burn a few DVDs and show off your kick ass short film, starring your kick ass friends with your kick ass crew. The […]