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Big Decks, Little Decks

By - Jan 30th, 2009 02:52 pm
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You show me yours. I’ll show you mine. Tom Bamberger’s feature article in the February issue of Milwaukee Magazine is posted online via the magazine. Titled “The Peter Principle,” it’s a review of architect Peter Renner’s BreakWater on North Franklin Place. It’s a fair enough article.

Renner lost it completely when his office circulated a reply, which can best be described as trash. He lowered himself to actually sending someone out to take photos of Bamberger’s personal residence on National Avenue, then sunk ever deeper by adding snide remarks about Bamberger’s photographic skills (not suitable for The BreakWater!). The bottom of the pissy pit arrived when he added snide comments about Bamberger’s personal life, including his “finances.” Why did Renner sink to this level? Speaking of peters, Renner was responsible for erecting those horrible phallic things that mark various territories in the Third Ward. Maybe that was the first clue about things to come.

Who knows why Peter became so unprincipled? It’s a jungle out there folks. Everyone in the building I live in (north of The Breakwater), is talking about the feature in Milwaukee Magazine, so you can bet it will be widely read and widely discussed.

You show me your deck. I’ll show you mine. MJS architecture critic, what’s your take?

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