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RedPrairie to Delafield No More

By - Jan 20th, 2009 01:17 pm
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Tom Daykin of the Journal Sentinel is reporting that RedPrairie is no longer moving to Delafield.   The company had just recently announced that they were putting their plans on hold.

We had opined in August that we thought it was a bad idea to move further away from talent sources, and comments to the article concurred that we were on the right track.

Well I don’t think the town of Brookfield is the best place for the company, I think it is a significantly better place than moving further away from universities.


One thought on “RedPrairie to Delafield No More”

  1. Yettoko says:

    Well, anything that slows the slop-development out there is a good thing. Too bad they don’t move to Milwaukee instead. Most likely the CEO has a lake house and doesn’t want to commute so far.

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