Dave Reid

Public Works Committee Approves Parking Study

By - Jan 3rd, 2008 08:06 pm
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Johnny Vassallo‘s efforts to convert the Posner Building at 152 W. Wisconsin Ave. into a boutique hotel have come to an end. The new plans for the building involve the Milwaukee Hotel Associates LLC purchasing the property from Johnny Vassallo and developing it into a 160 unit Holiday Inn. Resolution 071222 passed by committee will, if adopted by the full council, allow Milwaukee Hotel Associates LLC to lease 50 parking spots in the city garage located at 724 N. 2nd St to support the Holiday Inn.

Resolution 070976 passed by committee will, if adopted by the full council, direct the Department of City Development to conduct a parking study in conjunction with the upcoming downtown plan. This resolution impacts development because the perceived lack of parking and the demand by developers for large amounts of “free” parking has often driven TIF requests, such as Manpower’s $25 million garage. What this resolution intends to accomplish will be to have a planned strategic approach to parking integrated into future planning efforts to facilitate future development.


2 thoughts on “Public Works Committee Approves Parking Study”

  1. Terry says:

    Is this good news or bad news? I can’t say a new hotel is bad, even if it’s a tacky chain as opposed to a boutique eh?

  2. Dave says:

    Well I’m torn on it as at that corner you really could of had a nice hotel. That said I’ve been hearing Johnny V is cutting back and selling off a lot of his properties so I take it this has less to do with the market not demanding a high end hotel but rather him needing to raise some cash. And I thought “Mo’Tel Milwaukee” would of been very funny!

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