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Volunteers needed for Center Street business district

Center Street Marketplace BID 39’s purpose is to improve the negative perceptions of crime and safety between the boundaries of 34th and 58th Streets on W. Center St.

By - Apr 21st, 2015 12:10 pm

The Center Street Marketplace: Business Improvement District 39 is looking for volunteers to participate in the BID 39’s Community Kick-off Event & Volunteer Training on Saturday, April 25th at 11 a.m. at the C-4 Business Resource and Innovation Center (BRIC), 2741 W. Fond du Lac Ave.

Center Street Marketplace BID 39 seeks volunteers for several committees, including: administration & fundraising, marketing & events, safety, real estate, business and entrepreneurship.

Center Street Marketplace BID 39’s purpose is to improve the negative perceptions of crime and safety between the boundaries of 34th and 58th Streets on W. Center St.

BID 39 also is requesting the public’s opinion on businesses they want to see on Center Street.

The public can complete a five question survey at

The business district is also co-sponsoring the Historical Annual Clean-up on May 1 with Washington High School and the Sherman Park Community Association. For more information or to confirm attendance at any of these volunteer opportunities please call (414) 306-3586 or email at

Alderman Russell W. Stamper, II encourages citizens to take advantage of these volunteer opportunities. “Volunteers are needed in multiple capacities to help in BID 39’s endeavors, and this is a great opportunity to assist the Center Street Marketplace while working to improve the community,” Alderman Stamper said.

Common Council President Michael J. Murphy, whose 10th Aldermanic District also includes a portion of BID 39, said community volunteers and assistance can “make a significant difference” in giving BID 39 strong ties to the community. “The BID 39 board is new and is poised to do some outstanding work along Center Street, and I ask citizens to strongly consider being a part of this dynamic atmosphere by volunteering their time and talents,” he said.

Alderman Willie C. Wade, whose 7th Aldermanic District includes a portion of BID 39, energetically echoed the sentiments of his colleagues: “The health of any commercial area is determined by the support and relationships it has with the surrounding neighborhoods and people. Please come out to the community kick-off event on Saturday and see what opportunities exist, and also see what positive difference you can make.”

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