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Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic Thanks Finance Committee for Support In Reopening the Pulaski Park Pavilion

Budget Amendment Unanimously Approved

By - Oct 29th, 2015 10:55 am

The near Southside neighborhoods around Pulaski Park are going through a renaissance. Neighborhood groups like KK River Neighbors in Action and the Sixteenth Street Community Health Center have been working to organize residents and improve our community.

Supervisor Marina Dimitrijevic helped lead the fight twice to keep Pulaski Indoor Pool open, and recently hundreds of thousands of county funds were invested into upgrading the pool. At Wednesday’s Finance Personnel and Audit Committee Meeting, Supervisor Dimitrijevic introduced an amendment with her co-sponsor Supervisor Peggy Romo West to reopen the Pulaski Park Pavilion, which has been shuttered closed for years.

Marina testified that, “we need to keep this positive momentum moving forward. This Southside neighborhood is home to many working families and our growing Latino population.”  She added that “Pulaski Park is one of the only green escapes in a highly populated, urban area that is going through a transition with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District KK River revitalization project. Reopening the pavilion breathes new life into this park and gives community groups and families watching soccer games a place to gather.

“On behalf of my district, I thank the Finance Committee for their unanimous support of my budget amendment and their investment in the south side of Milwaukee. I ask all of my colleagues to join us in the renaissance of this hard-working, growing neighborhood near Pulaski Park.”

The County Board will consider the amendment, along with the proposed 2016 County Budget, on November 9.

If approved by the County Board, these funds are available beginning in 2016 when repairs to the pavilion would begin.

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