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Sheriff David Clarke Endorses Alexander for Milwaukee County Board

“I'll be voting to re-elect Deanna Alexander - I hope I can count on you to join me,” said Sheriff David Clarke.

By - Mar 24th, 2016 09:50 am

Milwaukee—Sheriff David Clarke is supporting Deanna Alexander for reelection to the Milwaukee County Board.

Many politicians are in it strictly for themselves. Not Deanna Alexander.  I’m proud to tell you that County Supervisor Deanna Alexander exhibits true servant leadership and has represented us well. She has courage, integrity, and she’s been a faithful partner for public safety,” said Sheriff Clarke.

I’ve been able to count on Deanna Alexander for steadfast defense of public safety at every turn.  There’s not many elected officials I can put my faith in, but she is one of them and we’ve got to keep her on the County Board.  I’ll be voting to re-elect Deanna Alexander – I hope I can count on you to join me,” he continued.

“I’ve seen first hand how Sheriff Clarke shakes off politically correct status quo expectations and this makes me especially grateful and proud to have gained his support—making recommendations to the community is not something he takes lightly,” said Alexander.

Alexander has served on the Milwaukee County Board since 2012 and this is her first time seeking reelection.  She is an accountant and auditor, former Wisconsin National Guardsman, Milwaukee homeowner, and a married mother of two.  Alexander serves as Chair of the EMS Council and is known as a County Supervisor who appropriately prioritizes public safety.

She has also received endorsements from the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff’s Association, the Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association, and the Milwaukee Police Association.

Citizens for Servant Leadership

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2 thoughts on “Sheriff David Clarke Endorses Alexander for Milwaukee County Board”

  1. Edward Susterich says:

    The endorsement by part-time Sheriff David (Arpaio) Clarke is not official until he makes the announcement on Fox News.

  2. David Ciepluch says:

    Any endorsement by wacko Clarke is a curse and means people should not vote for you. I do hope your opponent beats you whomever that is. The County and citizens would surely be better off.

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