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Senator Johnson Puts Donors Before Students with Disabilities

"He knew his amendment was bad for students with disabilities and that’s why, in classic Washington fashion, he tried to hide it," said Harry Hartfield, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

By - Aug 4th, 2016 05:11 pm
Ron Johnson

Ron Johnson

Senator Johnson’s plan to put donors before students with disabilities looks is paying off. Susan Mitchell, a prominent supporter of Milwaukee’s school voucher program, plans to host a fundraiser for Senator Johnson tonight. Mitchell founded School Choice Wisconsin and, along with her husband, has donated more than $100,000 dollars to elected officials in favor of school vouchers.

The fundraiser comes a month after Senator Johnson buried an amendment that would make it legal for taxpayer funded schools to discriminate against students with disabilities. Families of students with disabilities have come out against the measure, with one father saying it would mean “more closed doors and lost opportunities” for his son. But the amendment has garnered support from the people Senator Johnson cares about – wealthy backers who support his campaign.

“Whether it’s supporting Trump after he mocked a disabled reporter, or fundraising off wealthy donors who support legalized discrimination, Senator Johnson has shown time and time again that he’s more concerned with his reelection than with students with disabilities. He knew his amendment was bad for students with disabilities and that’s why, in classic Washington fashion, he tried to hide it. Of course, he’s more than happy to raise money off it,” said Harry Hartfield, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

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