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Ryan Solen to watch first Presidential Debate with Racine County Democrats

The watch party will be located in a back room of the Angry Brothers Pub allowing everyone to hear the debate.

By - Sep 25th, 2016 02:02 pm

Mount Pleasant- On Monday, September 26, 2016, Democratic nominee for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District, Ryan Solen, will watch the first Presidential Debate with the Racine County Democrats at an official Hillary Clinton watch party. Members of the public can join him at the Angry Brothers Pub in Mount Pleasant. The debate starts at 8PM (Central) and Ryan Solen will hold a Debate the Debate immediately following to see what everyone thought about the performances of the two candidates and discuss issues brought up during the debate.

The watch party will be located in a back room of the Angry Brothers Pub allowing everyone to hear the debate. Food and drinks are available and there is plenty of parking. The first of the general election debates has some predicting a viewership of about 100,000 just in the United States, potentially topping the viewership of the first moon landing. This is an exciting event and is open to all who are interested.

Ryan Solen looks forward to meeting all attendees.

About Ryan Solen

Ryan Solen is an Army veteran of the war in Iraq and is seeking to represent Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District. He is a Digital Forensic Specialist and Computer Security Analyst. He is a married father of four and enjoys reading, writing, doing karate with his family, and relieves stress with his vintage Lego collection.

He is the Wisconsin Democratic Party’s Nominee to run for the U.S. House of Representatives to replace Paul Ryan. For more information, please visit www.solenforcongress.com.

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