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Rep. Taylor statement on living wage preemption bill

Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 750, which would preempt Dane County’s local living wage ordinance and impact the city of Madison’s living wage ordinance.

By - Feb 21st, 2014 08:55 am

MADISON – Today, the Wisconsin State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 750, which would preempt Dane County’s local living wage ordinance and impact the city of Madison’s living wage ordinance.  Rep. Taylor (D-Madison), who voted against the bill in both the Assembly Labor Committee and on the Assembly floor, released the following statement:

“At a time with an historic wage gap between the wealthiest and every other Wisconsin worker, the majority party decides to prohibit local governments from using any state funds to support living wage ordinances. Essentially, the Republican majority told local governments with living wage ordinances that they should use state funding to support low-income, no-benefit jobs that force workers onto public assistance, instead of requiring living wage jobs that lift workers out of poverty and support our economy.

“Madison’s and Dane County’s living wage requirements have existed for almost 15 years. Contrary to the unsupported allegations of living wage opponents, living wages do not drive businesses away nor drive up unemployment. In fact, Madison and Dane county are economically thriving and lead the state in key economic indicators such as higher median family incomes, the lowest unemployment rates in the state and a growing population.  Competition for local government contracts remains robust at the city and county level.

“The living wage preemption bill, a similar version of which is publicly available on the America Legislative Exchange Council’s website, attempts to drive wages down. If successful, supporters of this measure will actually stifle our local economies and cut workers’ wages, rather than help or communities and workers thrive.”

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