Amanda Stuck
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Rep. Stuck’s Reaction to Republican’s Disregard for Environmental Conservation and Clean Water

“I am disappointed that our long tradition of conservation in Wisconsin seems to have been left at the roadside.”

By - Feb 9th, 2016 08:30 pm

MADISON – Representative Stuck issued the following statement following today’s Assembly Session.

“Today, Republicans in the State Assembly voted to make it easier to destroy wetlands, dredge lake beds, and to remove local control of shoreline zoning. At the same time, they voted against a proposal to create a Committee to study the issue of drinking and groundwater across the State of Wisconsin.”

“I am disappointed that our long tradition of conservation in Wisconsin seems to have been left at the roadside. I have heard from my constituents in overwhelming opposition to these harmful and damaging bills. In particular, I have heard from numerous anglers with their significant concerns about this legislation, especially about the dredging issue in AB 600, this provision will allow landowners to dredge 3 dump trucks full each year which will damage the spawning area of game fish and the habitat of the bait fish, both of which are crucial to the $2.75 billion fishing industry in Wisconsin.”

“At the same time that Assembly Republicans voted to make it easier to reduce the quality of our lakes, rivers and streams, they voted against a Resolution which would create a committee to look at the issues of water utility privatization, groundwater, and drinking water quality and quantity. The Legislature needs this kind of information so that we are basing decisions on facts and information, not on partisanship and special interests.”

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