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Rep. Sean Duffy: ‘Look at the good things that came from’ the Charleston Church Terrorist Attack

Rep. Sean Duffy has rebuffed Wisconsin values at every turn, but today he took his act to a new low.

By - Feb 7th, 2017 02:07 pm
Sean Duffy

Sean Duffy

MADISON – Residents of Wisconsin’s Seventh Congressional District might be having buyers remorse after electing Rep. Sean Duffy in November. Since scoring another chance to chase down corporate donations and appear on cable television, Rep. Sean Duffy has rebuffed Wisconsin values at every turn, but today he took his act to a new low.

This morning on CNN, when pressed by CNN host Alisyn Camerota why President Trump failed to address the recent mosque attack in Quebec City, where six Muslim residents were killed by a right-wing supporter, Congressman Sean Duffy revealed that he thought there was a difference between attacks like the ones inspired by ISIS and the one that took place in Canada.

Duffy took it a step further when reminded that extremism, hatred, and white supremacy were common threads behind acts of terrorism like the attacks in Quebec City and Charleston, South Carolina. Duffy responded to the Charleston example, where nine innocent churchgoers were slain, that the outcome of Gov. Nikki Haley taking down the confederate flag was in fact “great.”

Reporters nationwide have been taken aback by Duffy’s insensitive, nonsensical, politically craven comments:

SalonRepublican Rep. Sean Duffy believes there is no comparison between radical Islamist attacks and violence carried out in the name of white supremacy. In fact, the Wisconsin congressman compared Trump’s silence on the Canadian mosque shooting to the media’s inadequate coverage of people getting “beat up for wearing a Make America Great Again hat.”

Huffington Post: Duffy argued in his CNN interview that attacks by white people ― such as the one in Quebec City ― aren’t as big of a problem.

RawStory: “You don’t think there are white extremists?” Camerota said. “You don’t remember Oklahoma City? You don’t think that this guy who was involved in the mosque shooting said that he was inspired by things that he read online?” Duffy conceded that the “New Day” host had provided a second example, but he dismissed Timothy McVeigh as not recent enough to be relevant. Camerota asked the congressman if he remembered Charleston, where a white supremacist gunned down nine black worshipers in 2015, and she asked whether those killings mattered.

RawStory, ctd: “No, it does matter,” he said. “It does matter. Look at the good things that came from it. Nikki Haley took down the Confederate flag — that was great. But you want to say, I can give you a couple examples, but there’s no constant threat that goes through these attacks, and you have radical Islamic terrorists and ISIS that are driving the attacks, and if you want to compare those two, maybe you can throw another one.” The congressman also said that those who had not seen the place affected by terror first-hand would not be able to understand the impact, prompting Camerota to remind him that both she and her network visited those places.

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3 thoughts on “Rep. Sean Duffy: ‘Look at the good things that came from’ the Charleston Church Terrorist Attack”

  1. Tony B. says:

    So sad, yet not surprising in the least.

  2. myfivecents says:

    It looks as if many picked up on the same part of the interview that stood out to me. Yesterday I made this comment on the CNN Interview: I can’t believe he said, “and look at what came out of the Charleston massacre; Nikki Haley took down the confederate flag.” Really, that’s all he got out of that?

    I was shocked at his dismissal of the Timothy McVeigh attack too. How convenient it is to forget the white people who have committed terror attacks. The ones who grew up in the U.S.A.

  3. Jeff w. says:

    Another embarrassing Greedy Obnoxious Prick(GOPer) making a stupid asinine comment. Embarrassed to say I live in Wisconsin anymore

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