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Protests and Play-Doh therapy? Enough already!

Statement from Alderman Bob Donovan November 11, 2016

By - Nov 11th, 2016 09:46 am

Last night Milwaukee saw protesters clogging our downtown streets and disrupting the otherwise orderly flow of life in our city.

It is upsetting to me because I fully expect the Milwaukee Police Department to enforce all of our laws equally, fairly, and without prejudice. That did NOT occur last evening.

These protesters were marching and obstructing traffic without a permit!

By the way: Anyone’s right to protest ends when they infringe on other’s rights. Last night, untold numbers of innocent motorists were blocked and shut down by these protesters.

Government creates laws for the wellbeing of all, and when those laws are not enforced, there are repercussions for all.

Bottom line: All protesters MUST obey the laws of the City of Milwaukee.

I understand the protesters may return to downtown this evening. In my view, the first person in the group who steps into the street should be arrested.

I believe we’ve set a bad precedent here by allowing previous protests to take place outside of the law. Why even have permits or laws if we’re not going to enforce and/or require them?

So the protests are occurring because of the results of our Presidential Election on Tuesday – I get that.

But I am surprised – and a bit amused – by what I am reading about in the news: Coloring books and Play-Doh for distraught college students at the University of Michigan, and a “Cry-In” at Cornell University.

Is this what our premier universities have come to? Are they now day care centers for 20-year-old children?

If this is an example of our college generation, I thank God that this generation wasn’t the one that had to deal with the Great Depression and World War II. Had it been we’d all be broke and speaking German.

These are adults who need to deal with reality!

One valuable lesson they need to learn is that there are winners and losers in life, and that’s not going to change with coloring books and crying.

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8 thoughts on “Protests and Play-Doh therapy? Enough already!”

  1. johnny says:

    Why comment about this when you did nothing to stop the murder of Darius Simmons?

  2. Alba says:

    Without a permit? Oh my Lord!

    I think Bob feels some sympathy for Trump as a fellow sexual deviant.

  3. Susan says:

    Typically of someone who never went to college to complain about those smarter than he. The complexity of this post shows your true intellect, sir.

  4. Ted Chisholm says:

    We all could have done without this release. I like Bob at a personal level, but this is exactly the type of talk that terrifies so many of us about Trump’s America. We need a government that respects its citizens’ Constitutional rights, and protesting is one of them.

  5. Milwaukee Native says:

    Enough already with the pointless, judgmental press releases!

    The excitable Alderman Donovan obviously knows nothing about positive stress reduction and grief resolution, and would do well to NOT call attention to harmless activities on college campuses, given his own acknowledged deviant activities at UWM.

  6. David Hofmann says:

    So says someone who’s a winner by birth.

    BTW – I checked and turns out the original Tea Partiers in Boston didn’t have a protest permit either. Oh, and they did some property damage too. Huh.

  7. Jim says:

    People get a grip!! Crying rooms? Coloring books?? Onzies and cocoa????????????? And you call yourselves intellectuals??? Give me a friggin break!

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