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Proposal to Lift Taxicab Permit Caps Approved by Committee

Free Market Competition in Taxi Industry On Its Way to GMIA

By - May 6th, 2015 12:47 pm

Milwaukee County’s Committee on Transportation, Public Works and Transit today approved an ordinance change to lift the cap on the number of taxicab permits issued at General Mitchell International Airport.

Only 50 permits currently exist at the airport.  Previously proposed changes to the policy would have only slightly increased the quantity of permits while creating a raffle redistribution system that would have randomized which taxicabs could legally pick up travelers at the airport.

Under the revised proposal, co-authored by Supervisors John Weishan and Deanna Alexander, current taxicab drivers will retain their permits, the permit cap will be lifted and there will be no limits to the total number of permits a driver or business owner may hold.  Director of Transportation Brian Dranzik presented plans for accommodating additional vehicles and told the committee that coordination with the new policy could be implemented this year.

“Taxicab drivers working to provide for their families will no longer be shut out by Milwaukee County regulations, and those already doing business will rightly retain their current permits.  This ordinance change champions free-market practices, reduces burdensome regulation and will be good for Milwaukee County,” said Supervisor Alexander.

The ordinance change was approved in committee on a vote of 6-1 (No: Borkowski) and will be considered by the entire County Board of Supervisors on May 21, 2015.

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