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Judiciary Committee Approves Supervisor Taylor’s Resolution to Implement Legal Custody and Physical Placement Study Services

“This will go a long way in helping families, especially children, avoid long and drawn out cases.”

By - Oct 20th, 2016 02:58 pm

MILWAUKEE – The Judiciary, Safety, and General Services Committee approved Supervisor Steve F. Taylor’s resolution to develop a plan for the implementation of legal custody and physical placement study services by a vote of 4-0.

Supervisor Taylor praised the committee’s decision to approve his resolution which would help bring Milwaukee County Family Court into accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 767.405

“Having a social worker involved in a case where child abuse, parental alienation, and domestic violence is occurring is necessary because they have the training and expertise required to navigate these complicated situations.  Unfortunately, Guardian Ad Litem’s are not required to have the same level of training as social workers and I have witnessed firsthand what happens when they don’t,” said Taylor. “This will go a long way in helping families, especially children, avoid long and drawn out cases.”

Milwaukee County resident Shelley Janowski has experienced first-hand how the lack of compliance with State Statute 767.405 has negatively affected many families in years past who have dealt with the County’s Family Court.

“Having a custody and physical placement study would have gone a long way in ending the nightmare I currently am living in and have been for the past eight years in the Milwaukee County Court System – which spans my daughter’s entire eight year life,” said Janowski.

Wisconsin State Statute 767.405 (14)(a) provides that a county shall provide legal custody and physical placement study services whenever legal custody or physical placement of a minor child is contested.  Furthermore, the statute also instructs that a legal custody and physical placement study is to account for the conditions of the child’s home and any other matter relevant to the best interest of the child.

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